Hollywood director Jean-Jacques Annaud visits Mongolia


Famous film director and producer Jean-Jacques Annaud, known by Mongolians by his films ‘Seven years in Tibet’ starring Brad Pitt, ‘Enemy at the Gates’, ‘Black Gold’ and others, has come to Mongolia. Jean-Jacque Annuad paid a visit to the President of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj, yesterday. He expressed his gratitude to meet the president and said he was glad to have come to this beautiful country. He further stated, “The cultural relations between the Mongolia and France are expanding. Golden age films of Mongolia are being restored in France. France is an experienced country which has been contributing to the development of world film art. In fact, I am getting introduced to the customs and traditions, addition to the nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia and further researching to make a film.”
The president noted that there were many good films about Chinggis Khaan and suggested making a film on different interesting aspect of Mongolia.

Jean-Jacque Annaud Auditioning Female Actresses from Mongolia

The Unuudur Newspaper spoke to director of the ‘Creative Art Group’, B.Chinguun for the reason of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s arrival in Mongolia.
-Why has Jean-Jacques Annuad arrived here? Is the Creative Art Group cooperating with him?
-We can’t say we are working with him. Jean-Jacques Annuad is cooperating with Inner Mongolian filmmakers on the film adaptation of the novel ‘Wolf Totem’ by Chinese author Jiang Rong. He came to Mongolia to hold auditions for one of the primary roles of the film. The audition is taking place at the office of our Creative Art Group.
-Is it possible to report the audition?
-I am afraid, it isn’t.The producer didn’t allow anyone to enter except crew members.
-How many people are taking part in the audition? Are they professional actresses?
-Most of the more than 20 auditioners were established actresses. Currently they have chosen three actresses. I think they would choose one from them. It doesn’t mean that person will play in the film. They also held auditions in China. The shortlisted women will go another audition and the final decision will be made by the director.
-Do you know the three selected actresses?
-Actress R.Ankhnyam, actress B.Tsetsegee who played in ‘Khadag’ film and the other woman is a model.
-Is there any possibility that Creative Art Group takes part in the shooting of the film?
-The shooting is scheduled to start next April. I will go on location at that time.

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