Movie review Silent Hill Revelation 3D

By Nicholas Campbell

Silent Hill is a series of survival horror video games that has reached a large popularity with the main media as well as fan bases. There have been a various number of games in the Silent Hill series, continuing the story from the first game to the last. The game series reached such popularity, that it spawned off synergy products. Before the latest instalment in the Silent Hill game to film adaptations Silent Hill Revelation, the first film of Silent Hill to be in 3D. There was another Silent Hill film, simply titled Silent Hill, which wasn’t in 3D, the film was released some years ago. So the release of a sequel was to some wanted and to others unexpected. Silent Hill Revelation has been released only in cinemas recently this year 2012.Based on the Konami game Silent Hill 3, the film stars Adelaide Clements as the lead female character along with Sean Bean as her father, the film was written and directed by MichaeI J.Bassett. I viewed the film lately, though having not played any of the ever popular games in the Silent Hill series. I had however seen the first Silent Hill film, on which to judge this one on. Though from the watching experience, I gained generally favourable opinions of this latest instalment, the critics and strong fan base have their own. Though the use of 3D technology in cinemas is no longer new, first brought back in popularity by James Cameron’s Avatar. One of the highest points of the film, in my personal opinion, is the effectiveness and scare factor the 3D has. I would highly recommend seeing Silent Hill Revelation 3D for a first time viewing. If you haven’t seen the first film, or even played the video games, my personal opinion is that you should be able to follow the plot and enjoy the film all the same. The overall look and style, the dark grittiness and horror aspects stay true to the first film, and I believe the game series. The film pretty much starts and continues the story from where the last film ended, the film for the most part being set once again in the fabled town of Silent Hill. If you haven’t played the games or seen the first film, then this aspect may not be so obvious. But creepy, frightening and scary all the same, even if you are first being introduced to the characters, sets and familiar monsters. The film’s story follows the characters of Sharon and Christopher, played by Adelaide and Sean, as they venter back into the town of Silent Hill. Sharon has to save her father Christopher from the demonic cult the Order. And find out what her link is with the evil known as Alessa, and in the end defeat it. On the way they meet various horrific and terrifying monsters and creatures they have to defeat, along with the guardian Pyramid Head. Meeting various other characters, such as Vincent who takes Sharon back to Silent Hill and Claudia leader of the Order.In my opinion, compared to the first film, this film is a really thrilling, scary, engaging experience. The first film was also good for a game adaptation, and familiar to anyone who knows the games of Silent Hill. But Silent Hill Revelation 3D is allot bigger, more outgoing, and in your face. Though the monsters and creators from the first film where grotesque and darkly horrific. The choice to film Silent Hill Revelation in 3D was a good one, really amplifying the scares when the horrific monsters jump out of the screen, this works especially well In my opinions with a many headed terrifying shrieking monster that chases Sharon. The characters while not being anything fantastic, are interesting and keep the story going through their dialogue. Also unlike the first film, the leading roles are a lot younger, which brings in a younger viewing audience. For fans of silent hill, even if one hasn’t viewed the first film, I feel there’s nothing that disappoints, from the characters, to the various monsters and creatures, to the town of Silent Hill itself. The story also continues from the first film, doesn’t stray too far outside the horror genre, and is pleasing and entertaining throughout the film. The best aspects of the film as a whole are the great visuals, and the dark, scary, horrific story line with its characters and creatures. Though this was my impressions after seeing the film for the first time in cinemas, box office sales and critics had something else to say. Though I found the film enjoyable and viewed it positively, the majority of critics gave the film negative reviews. Saying that as a game film adaptation, the plot was hard to follow, the characters weren’t strong, and that the scary scenes where lacking. Some felt that this sequel may be bad enough to end the series, and that the first film was better. Though saying this, Silent Hill Revelation 3D has earned $46,728,384 gross profit internationally coming in #5 in the Box Office. Even though the critics reviewed the film badly, and if you are a hard core fan, you may be disappointed. If you are looking for a sharp, scary, 3D horror thrill experience, then you won’t be disappointed, I would personallyrecommend seeing this film in cinemas soon.

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