T.Munkhnasan: I had a feeling that I would win the competition



Mongolian hairdresser S.Munkhnasan of Vidal Salon competed in the 46th Organization Mondiale Coiffure (OMC) Hairworld competition, held in Seoul, South Korea, from March 27 to 29, and won the Golden Cup.

The hairdresser has been working at Vidal Salon since 2005. Below is an interview with T.Munkhnasan.


Mongolia has never achieved success like this before at international competitions for hairdressing. How do you feel?


I am very happy. It is the result of my hard work and dream. Now I am a globally recognized hairdresser. I have to be more responsible.


You competed against B.Altanshagai of Mongolia. Was it hard to compete against a teammate? Tell us about the competition.


Of course it was hard. My colleague B.Altanshagai came in fourth place. Altanshagai is my teacher. We have been working together since 2006. He is my best friend.

Over 1,000 hairdressers and make-up artists from 40 countries competed in this year’s competition. Twenty-nine Mongolian hairdressers, make-up artists, and 11 models took part in this year’s event. For me, I competed against over 50 hairdressers. It was an honor to compete with top international hairdressers. I am very happy that I chose to become a hairdresser.


Which country’s hairdressers impressed you?


In my category, hairdressers from Japan and Poland were very impressive. In my opinion, their aesthetic taste was higher than the others.


Did you prepared well for the competition?


I did my preparation very well in a very short time. I had a feeling that I would win the competition.


Were you confident?


We don’t participate in competitions to lose. Every participant wants to win. I have participated in the World Championship twice. I have experience.

I participated in the World Championship in 2012 for the first time. I placed 16th. In 2014, I also competed in the World Championship and placed 10th. That’s why I was very close to winning.


Tell us about the tasks you completed in the World Championship?


I did three kinds of haircuts: classic, professional and decorative. Professional hairdressing is difficult. People who participated in the competition were interested in learning about the skills of Mongolian hairdressers.


Where did you learn your craft?


I took a hairdressing course after graduating general education school. I studied at a center named Abuka. Women’s hairstyling and New Year’s decorative hairstyles were masterpieces to me. At the time, I told myself “I have to become a hairdresser.”

I have been working as a hairdresser for 14 years.


What do you think about the hairstyle trends of this year?


This year’s trend is soft and natural colors. Keeping your natural hair color is the best.



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