Top schools in Ulaanbaatar

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News.mn has released a ranking of the top general education schools in Ulaanbaatar based on results from General Admissions Exams.
Countless private schools have been established all around the capital. Many parents are paying good money to have their children attend these schools even though the government offers free education through public schools. Statistics from last year indicate that 100 out of 750 schools in Mongolia are private schools. It also shows that the tuition of private schools range from 1.5 million MNT to 50 million MNT.
Besides tuition, the quality of schools is important for parents. Media outlets have disclosed several research materials on the ranking of private schools in the past. Although the materials aren’t official, they are considered quite useful for ranking private schools.
However, they reportedly caused some serious violations of student’s interests and their right to choose. Basic shortcomings in the research include the fact that the average scoring of schools were solely based on scores of students who gave the General Admission Exam, a national test used for university admission. The results didn’t state how many high school graduates didn’t give the exam. Authorities say that there were some unpleasant incidents such as restricting students from taking exams of their interest and having former graduates retake the General Admission Exam.
News.mn journalists reviewed reports on the 2014 and 2015 General Admission Exams made by the Education Evaluation Center of Mongolia to assess the quality of education provided by Mongolian private and public schools. To prevent violation and improve the quality of the research, General Admission Exam scores of exam takers of each school was calculated as well as the number of graduates of the respective year.
For instance, the average mathematics score of students from School No.1 of Ulaanbaatar amounted to 609 points and the school was ranked in 14th place in 2015. The Education Evaluation Center evaluates schools based on their average score from 10 subjects. Something interesting was discovered when a detailed list was made for the results of tests from 10 different subjects of the 2014 and 2015 General Admission Exams.
In 2015, Orchlon School came in first place, with an average score of 709 point in all subjects. However, only seven out of 19 students who graduated from Orchlon in 2015 had taken the mathematics exam, while 119 students out of 133 graduates of School No.1 took the same exam in the same year.
Looking at this, it can be said that School No.1’s ranking for mathematics is much higher than Orchlon School’s. Specifically, 133 students from School No.1 scored a total of 72,471 points whereas 19 students from Orchlon School earned a total of 4,963 points. If we divide their scores by the number of students who took the exam, the average score for each student of School No.1 is 545, but Orchlon School students’ is 261. School No.1 was ranked in 5th place and Orchlon School in 25, based on this type of comparison.
News.mn noted that their ranking of Ulaanbaatar schools is more reliable for parents hoping to choose the best school for their child.


Top 10 school in Ulaanbaatar by two methods


Ranking of schools based on average score of graduates (including those who didn’t take GAE)


Rank School Tuition Average GAE score
1 Mongolian-Turkish School 7,000,000 MNT 243.88
2 Russia-Mongolia School No.3 4,000,000 MNT 224.39
3 Goethe-Institute 5,500,000 MNT 192.89
4 Olonlog 4,500,000 MNT 192.45
5 Raduga 2,350,000 MNT 188.7
6 School No.93 Free 181.66
7 School No.1 Free 165.2
8 Shine Mongol 4,200,000 MNT 149.35
9 Hobby School 9,000,000 MNT 141.75
10 School No.11 Free 139.84



Ranking of schools by the average score from 10 subjects of the 2015 GAE


Rank High school Tuition Average GAE score
1 Goethe-Institute 5,500,000 MNT 585.3
2 Olonlog 4,500,000 MNT 565.7
3 Hobby School 9,000,000 MNT 542.5
4 Mongol Temuulel Free 537.1
5 School No.93 Free 475
6 Shine Mongol 4,200,000 MNT 452.6
7 Mongolian-Turkish School 7,000,000 MNT 440.4
8 School No.11 Free 402.5
9 Russia-Mongolia School No.3 4,000,000 MNT 390.3
10 Raduga 2,350,000 MNT 381.5


Source: News.mn

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