Women’s Achievements 2015-2016


The people of Mongolia have demonstrated excellence in all types of endeavors in the year 2015. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, The UB Post would like to highlight and commend the achievements of Mongolian women in the year 2015.
The UB Post presents the leading women of Mongolia in the following list.

Leading businesswoman: CEO of Natural Essentials LLC D.Khulan

D.Khulan has pioneered in introducing zero waste production and the country’s first skincare brand.
After starting her company in June 2014, D.Khulan launched Mongolia’s first organic skincare brand “Lhamour” in 2015. The former renewable energy expert was named the Best Entrepreneur of 2015 by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Lhamour has quickly gained popularity, with its distinctive product design and high-quality skincare products. Although a start-up, the brand has received the Highest Award in the Industry Field from the Ministry of Industry in 2015. The company has released 16 types of products within the last year.
D.Khulan is currently working on the production of four products and hopes to open a flagship shop for Lhamour. She has encouraged women’s employment in society by forming an all women team.


Leading TV personality: Ch.Nomin

This year, CEO of Mongol TV Ch.Nomin was able to bring the “Got Talent” franchise to Mongolia, opening a new chapter of Mongolian television history.
After signing a multi-season deal with Syco Entertainment and Fremantle Media, she has successfully organized undoubtedly the biggest entertainment event of the year for Mongolians. “Mongolia’s Got Talent” won over 90 percent of TV audiences in Mongolia after a 13-week run, breaking the ratings record in the country.
Ch.Nomin has always strived to broadcast the best content for viewers, and has set a new milestone for other channels to create more quality content and to pay attention to intellectual property issues.
She has led the company to become the first ever broadcaster in Mongolia to air live broadcasts of the Grammy Awards and Academy Awards in Mongolia.
Ch.Nomin also annually organizes Mongol TV forum to improve censorship and copyrights in Mongolia. She was named Realscreen’s Trailblazer of 2015 on January 15.



Leading fashion designer: B.Bayarmaa

B.Bayarmaa presented two of her collections in New York last year, promoting Mongolian culture and traditions through her designs and use of cashmere and yak hair.
She recently introduced her 2016 fall-winter collection at Bank of America Tower at New York Fashion Week 2016. A year ago, her 2015 fall-winter collection was featured at the

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, earning her much deserved respect and praise from the fashion industry.
Her last collection focused on metallic colors.
Founder of Mongol Brand B.Bayarmaa mixes Mongolian style and tradition with modern elements.
Currently, CCTV9 of China is working on “Silk Road Training”, a documentary about B.Bayarmaa. The film is expected to be released next fall.


Leading artist and philanthropist: G.Undarmaa

G.Undarmaa, the head of U Film studio, has directed two movies in the last year while leading a fundraising campaign for the renovation of four hospitals.
G.Undarmaa directed “Single Ladies”, “Single Ladies-2” and “Tu Tu”. She has been working in the Mongolian comedy and drama sector for over 20 years
The artist said that she is currently directing a new comedy.

G.Undarmaa said that as a director she strives to improve the social standing of women through her movies. Through her movie “Tu Tu”, Undarmaa fights against women’s abuse.
“The movie is about how men acquire women’s youth and beauty by distracting her with material objects, regardless of her interests. I wanted to make a stance against abuse against women through this movie,” she said.
Her movie “Single Ladies” conveyed the message that being a single woman isn’t something to be ashamed of.

G.Undarmaa has renovated and established Hope Halls at four hospitals in the last three years. Currently, she’s working to renovate three rooms in the Children’s Department of the Bayankhoshuu Hospital under the Songinokhairkhan District Health Center, where over 30,000 children from eight khoroos receive medical services.
Her first Hope Hall was established in the First Maternity Hospital. She created a Room for Fathers, and bought cameras and other equipment for the hospital. Later, she helped renovate and refurbish the reception hall, doctors’ room, doctors’ hall and examination rooms at 103 Emergency Center. Her third project was the renovation of a children’s polyclinic at the National Center for Maternal and Children’s Health. She renovated the waiting room on the fourth floor of the National Cancer Center last year.
Undarmaa raised a total of 185 million MNT for these projects, and personally donated approximately 12 percent of the money.

Leading scientist and innovator: S.Tugs

While working as an advisor to the Minister of Industry, Ph.D. S.Tugs invented a surgical suture made from animal tendons and received the highest prize of the Appropriate Technology Competition 2015, organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization and Intellectual Property Offices of Mongolia and South Korea.
She also created a unique, high-quality leather by processing sheep rumen, and uses it to produce 30 different types of products, including accessories, bags, hats, heel inserts and key chains. S.Tugs plans to launch these products into the market after establishing a factory.

She has been researching natural and animal based products for 33 years and continues to develop animal based product processing methods. She is also a good role model and mentor to new scientists.

Leading athlete: B.Sumiya

International Sports Master, 17-year-old B.Sumiya won a gold medal at the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games as part of the first mixed team skate competition on February 17, earning Mongolia’s first medal in the Winter Olympic Games. She was in a four member team with a female skater from Italy, and male skaters from South Korea and China.
Although Mongolia experiences winter, winter sports athletes are not able to train all year round due to lack of winter sports facilities.




Leading Director: B.Uizenmaa

Director B.Uizenmaa, commonly known as Uisenma Borchu, won the Best New Director award at the 37th Bavarian Film Awards in 2015, making her the first Mongolian female director to win an international film award.
Her award-winning film “Schau mich nicht so an” (Don’t Look At Me That Way) depicts women’s behavior and gender equality. The film also received the FIPRESCI Prize for Best Film at the Munich International Film Festival on July 4, 2015.
B.Uisenmaa was born in 1984 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and moved to Germany in 1989. In Mainz, she studied French and history from 2004 to 2006. Since 2006, she has been studying directing at the Documentary and Television Journalism Department of University for Television and Film of Munich. Before filming “Schau mich nicht so an”, she directed three documentaries and a commercial film, which have won several awards.


Leading politician: S.Oyun

Women’s Democracy Network recognized member of Parliament S.Oyun as an outstanding leader and a role model to women around the world, and awarded her the 2015 Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Award in March 8, 2015.
The network gave S.Oyun the award for outstanding contributions she made to the advancement of women in politics and civil society. She is currently serving her fifth term in Parliament, and has voiced her opinions in health, education and environmental policies throughout her 18-year political career. S.Oyun is also a part of Parliament’s Women Caucus, advocating for greater participation of women in politics.
Recently, she took part in producing the Child Daycare Program, which has received overwhelming support from working mothers in Mongolia.
S.Oyun also heads the Zorig Foundation, which is known for its work advancing democracy, good governance, education and community development.


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  1. The achievements of this very impressive group of women are good reasons to be optimistic about the future of Mongolia. S. Oyun has been an outstanding leader and it is encouraging to see her recognized as the leading politician.

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