Alleged victim of Bayanzurkh Mayor’s assault case demands review of security camera footage


D.Oyuntuya, who allegedly witnessed Bayanzurkh District Mayor D.Purevdavaa’s assault on his pregnant staff member N.Erdene, held a press conference on February 23 demanding a release of the January 28 security camera footage of Soyombo Hall, where she claims N.Erdene was attacked.
At the beginning of the conference, D.Oyuntuya showed a video recording of N.Erdene at a hospital, as she suspected that the assault by D.Purevdavaa caused damage to her womb. On February 19, D.Purevdavaa said that N.Erdene was still working.
“N.Erdene was beaten in Soyombo Hall in Bayanzurkh Mayor’s Office at 4:10 p.m. on January 18. N.Erdene went to Soyombo Hall to meet the mayor, but she suddenly screamed. I entered the hall shortly after. When I came in, the mayor looked back, pushed me and scratched my hand.
“The mayor is defending himself with a recording of his office hall. We filed a complaint with the First Unit of the Bayanzurkh Police Department, and got my injury checked at the National Institute of Forensic Science (NIFS) that night. But I don’t understand if the police are working for citizens or those in power,” said D.Oyuntuya.
“[The police] has done nothing about my complaint. But I had to be interrogated at the Second Unit of the Bayazurkh Police Department for defaming a mayor. I requested the Head of the First Unit, Batmunkh, to seize the security camera footage of Soyombo Hall, mayor’s office room, and his secretary Oyumaa’s office, as evidence.
“I don’t know what dangers it might pose to my health, and life, so I contacted the Takhar Department. The National Human Rights Commission stated that D.Purevdavaa violated four clauses by carrying out the attack, and sent an official claim to Ulaanbaatar Mayor E.Bat-Uul, but no actions have been taken,” D.Oyuntuya added.
According to D.Oyuntuya, D.Purevdavaa’s personal black notebook is with N.Erdene.
“She said she picked it up when the mayor threw some documents at her. The NIFS and the Police Department will check if it’s Purevdavaa’s writings in the black notebook. Then based on the notes in the black book, we want to prove that he’s guilty with the help of other witnesses,” said lawyer G.Batbayar.
“Many complaints related to D.Purevdavaa have been filed. He abused his power and sued many broadcasters for reporting on the issue. Bayanzurkh District law enforcement, the Mayor’s Office, and the Police Department are protecting him,” G.Batbayar added.
According to the lawyer, police officers broke into N.Erdene’s office on Monday at 4:00 p.m. and had conducted a search without a permit from the prosecutor. G.Batbayar said that he suspects the police carried out the search at the order of D.Purevdavaa.
News outlets reported last week that D.Purevdavaa was accused of beating the former head of Bayanzurkh’s Child and Family Development Center, N.Erdene. They reported that he grabbed N.Erdene by the collar, and strangled and beat her.
D.Purevdavaa held a press conference on February 19, accusing N.Erdene of organized defamation, and showed a recording of himself and N.Erdene at the Bayanzurkh’s Office hall on January 28.
“The video proves I didn’t strangle or beat her, and the Bayanzurkh Police Department didn’t receive a complaint that N.Erdene was beaten by the district mayor,” he said.
D.Purevdavaa said that he demoted her due to her poor performance and violations of the moral standards of an administrator.
“Also, I didn’t hit her in the stomach, or ram her into the wall. I didn’t verbally insult her either. I have never even hit a woman in my life. I have a younger sister and three children. My wife will give birth next May. This information is hitting my family the hardest. I am saddened,” Mayor D.Purevdavaa said.
The Bayanzurkh Mayor said that he believes N.Erdene started a “drama” as part of an election scheme, as she didn’t openly make allegations before Tsagaan Sar holiday. He also announced that he will be suing N.Erdene for defamation and libel.

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