J.Gonchigsuren: The Year of the Monkey will be a harsh year for children and the elderly


The following is an interview with Khambo lama of Tuvdenpeljeelin Monastery and astrologer J.Gonchigsuren about how the Year of the Monkey will turn out for Mongolians.

Last year was the Year of the Galzuuruulagch (maddening) Wooden Sheep. This coming lunar year is the Year of the Muu-nuurt (evil-faced) Monkey. What does “muu-nuurt” mean? Some people are saying that this is a bad omen.

There are many good days in every year. Also there are good hours in a bad day. Muu-nuurt is just a humorous description that occurs once every sixty years. Everything will be fine if we are careful in our actions, speech and thoughts.

There are many types of horoscopes for describing and forecasting a year. How will things turn out in the Year of the Muu-nuurt Fire Monkey?

Drought, heavy rain, hail and diseases will spread this year, but harvest will be plentiful at the end of the year. Though it is a good year for livestock, it is likely that there will be disasters related to animals. The Year of the Monkey will be a good year for young people, but a harsh year for children and the elderly.

This year, our country will host many important foreign and domestic events. How will the Mongolian society fare in the Year of the Monkey?

How the society will fare will be determined by the people. In other words, it will all depend on the three million people of Mongolia. Everything depends on the actions, speech and thoughts of the people. We can overcome any barrier if we are united and at peace. People should carefully plan their work and act accordingly.

What are the taboos on Bituun (Tsagaan Sar’s Eve)?

Bituun refers the last day of the year and everyone should spend the night at home. On Bituun, the head of the family must stay at home to prevent misfortune and dine until they are full.
Negative thoughts, words, attitudes and dog beating are prohibited during Bituun.

What are the taboos on Tsagaan Sar’s first day?

On this day, it is a taboo to take water from rivers, streams and springs, and to fix and sew old clothing is prohibited. To throw away ash from stoves and to argue and bicker is prohibited. To take a life on this day will also bring misfortune.

How should the different colored khadag (prayer scarf) be used? There are five colors of khadag. What color khadag do you use on Tsagaan Sar?

Khadag is the highest gift for the Mongolian people. Elderly people and teachers should be offered khadag to honor them. Also khadag is a gift of the heart. There is no set method for giving specific colors of khadag to specific people. Usually yellow khadag is offered to lamas. Red khadag is usually used for negative spiritual practices.

Astrology is used to explain natural phenomenon. Will there be any lunar and solar eclipses this year?

A solar eclipse will take place on March 9, 2016, at 9:57 a.m. Ulaanbaatar time. But this will not be visible in our country. A penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on March 23, from 5:39 p.m. to 9:55 p.m. We will be able to see this from Mongolia.

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