Over 40 activities planned to attract tourists in 2016


The National Statistics Office reported that the number of foreign tourists that visited Mongolia reached 317,000 as of September 2015, which is a 0.4 percent increase compared to the previous year.
Experts underlined the need to improve the overall quality of products and services in the tourism industry to attract more tourists.
The Mongolian Tourism Association has made plans for 44 events for tourists this year to stimulate the sector.

Tourism related event for 2016 may be seen below.

No. Event planned in 2016 Location Date Contact Address
1 Camel Polo Taatsin White Lake,
Baruun Bayan-Ulaan soum,
Uvurkhangai Province
January 15 Office of the Baruun Bayan-Ulaan soum Mayor, Uvurkhangai Province, World Heritage Orkhon River Nomads Tourism Association
www.uvurkhangaitravel.com, info@uvurkhangaitravel.com
2 The Nomad Winter, Tsagaan Sar (Lunar Year) event Mongolian Secret History Tourist Camp,
Jargalant soum,
Tuv Province
February 8 to 9 Secret History LLC
Ph:976-70000450, 99993200, 96963200, 99046841, 99096841
www.mongoliansecrethistory.mn, info@mongoliansecrethistory.mn
3 Ulaanbaatar Winter Naadam National Amusement Park, Ulaanbaatar February 6 City Tourism Office,
Mongolian Ice Ankle Association, National Amusement Park
info@tourism.ub.gov.mn, www.ulaanbaatour.mn
4 Tsagaan Sar’s First Sunrise Tour Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex February 8 Genco Tour Bureau JSC
5 The Silver Stick Snow and Ice Festival Buyantsoum, Khovd Province February 20 to 21 Office of the Khovd Province Mayor
www.khovd.gov.mn, javzaa_0623@yahoo.com
6 Ice Festival Dood Modot Mulan, Khuvsgul Lake March 2 to 5 Khatgal Village, Office of the Khuvsgul Province Mayor, and
Khuvsgul Province Tourism Association
Ph:976-70381699, 976- 70388067, 976-99092273
7 Camel Festival Bulgan soum, Umnugovi Province March 6 to 7 Camel Tours and South Gobi Desert Tourism Association
Ph:976- 99074355, 95144470, 98070802,
8 National Nauryz Festival Bayan-Ulgii Province March 22 Office of the Bayan-Ulgii Province Mayor
Ph: 976-99429787, 95420990, www.bayan-olgii.gov.mn
9 ITM 2016 Tourism Fair Micheel Expo,        Ulaanbaatar March 25 to 27 Mongolian Tourism Association
Ph:976-70007820, www.travelmongolia.org
10 World Migratory Bird Day UB Pond, Fresh Water Resources and Environmental Protection Center May 13 to 14 Mongolica LLC and Mongolian Ornithological Society
Ph: 976-11-70110148, 88180148, 91000148
info@mongolica.orghttp://www.mongolica.org, www.mos.mn
11 Mongolian masterpiece performances for tourists National Song and Dance Ensemble, Chinggis Avenue, Ulaanbaatar May 23 to October 1 National Song and Dance Ensemble
Ph: 976-11-323954, 88088868, 97088868, 99052944
12 Ulaanbaatar International Marathon Chinggis Square,
June 4 Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office,
Ar Mongol travel LLC
Ph: 976-11-325152, 99094185
www.mongoliamarathon.info, www.mongoliatourism.info, info@mongoliamarathon.mn
13 Ulaanbaatar Tourist Fair Misheel Expo,
June 4 to 5 Ulaanbaatar Tourism Office
Ph: 976-70108687, 70148687
14 Sand Festival Ereen Lake tourist camp, Jargalan soum,
Govi-Altai Province
July Office of the Gobi-Altai Province Mayor
15 Nomadic fashion show and Hunnu music festival 13th complex, Erdene soum, Tuv Province July Genco Tour Bureau JSC
Ph: 976-11-328960,11-321705
info@genco-tour.mn, http://www.genco-tour.mn
16 Khuumii Naadam Duut soum, Khovd Province July www.khovd.gov.mn
javzaa_0623@yahoo.com, bsgtuya_111@yahoo.com,
Ph:976-99793969, 99883130
17 Morin Khuur Naadam Jargalant soum, Khovd Province October Office of the Khovd Province Mayor
Ph: 976-99883130, 99793969
www.khovd.gov.mn, javzaa_0623@yahoo.com, bsgtuya_111@yahoo.com
18 White Festival Jankhain white beach, Khatgal Village July 6 to 7 Office of the Khuvsgul Province Mayor,
Khuvsgul Montreivel LLC,
Dalai Tourist Camp, Ph: 976-98380909
19 Chinggis Khaan Judo Grand Prix Buyant-Ukhaa sports venue, Ulaanbaatar July 3 to 5 Mongolian Judo Federation
Ph: 976-70140083, 99090122
20 National Naadam Nationwide July 10 to 15 National Festival Organizing Committee
Ph: 976- 11-325599, 976- 11-329659
www.ulaanbaatar.mn, info@ulaanbaatar.mn
21 Deeltei Mongolians Festival (Mongolians in Deel) Chinggis Square,
July 10 City Tourism Office,
Mongolian Tourism Association
Ph: 70108687, 976-70007820
info@travelmongolia.org, www.travelmongolia.org, info@tourism.ub.gov.mn
22 Mongolian Felt Crafts Festival Teel River, Khujirt,
Uvurkhangai Province
July 22 Uvurhangai Province Culture, Sports and Tourism Office,
World Heritage – Orkhon River Tourism Association
Ph: 88703939, 99058710
www.uvurkhangaitravel.com, info@uvurkhangaitravel.com
23 Yak Festival Undur Khyasaa, 36 km from Bat-Ulzii soum,  Uvurkhangai Province July 23
24 Mongolian Airag Festival Bagagazriin chuluu,
Delgertsogt soum,
Dundgovi Province
August Office of the Dundgovi Province Mayor, Culture, Ulaanbaatar Sports and Tourism Office,
Gobi Shurankhai Tourist Association
25 Mongolian Open 2016 Golf Competition Khurkhree Valley in 11thkhoroo, Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar August 6 to 9 Skyresort LLC
Ph: 976–77000606, 88110596
info@skyresort.mn, www.skyresort.mn
26 Yoga International Festival Bagagazriin chuluu Dundgovi Province July 25 to August 5 Bagagazriin Chuluu LLC
Ph: 99595555, 91595555
27 International Food Event National Amusement Park, Ulaanbaatar August 6 to 7 City Tourism Office,
National Amusement Park
Ph: 70108687, info@tourism.ub.gov.mn
28 Asian Ultra Marathon Toilogt tourist camp, Khatgal Village,
Khuvsgul Province
August 1 to 7 Toilogt Tourist Camp
Ph: 976-99112273, 99092273, 99115771
29 Western Mongolian Folk Art Festival Khirgene, Turgene soum, Uvs Province August 4 Ontsin Tasarkhai LLC
Ph: 98116772, contact@ottour.com
30 Orkhon Valley 99 Little Heroes Tour Khushuut Tsaidam at Tsaidam tourist camp, Khashaat soum,
Arkhangai Province
August 5 Gerelt Erdem LLC
Ph: 976- 99168971, 96655697,
31 Orkhon Valley Aduuchin Celebration August 7
32 Danshig Naadam Ulaanbaatar August 6 to 7 Ulaanbaatar Tourism Office
33 Mongolian Wedding Terelj Buuveit tourist camp August 11 Tsolmon Travel LLC,
National Song and Dance Ensemble
Ph: 976-11- 322870, 99114913
info@tsolmontravel.com, www.tsolmontravel.com
34 Khongor’s Speed Gobi Festival Khongor sand, Sevrei soum, Umnugovi Province August 15 Gobi discovery LLC, Khongor tourist camp
Gobi-Erdene, Tourist Govi, and Govin Anar tourist camps, Umnugovi Province, Office of the Sevrei soum Mayor
Ph: 976-11-312769, 91917299, 98387299,
35 Genco Mongolian Bike Challenge Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex September Mongolia Bike Challenge /MBC/
36 Ganga Lake Conference Dariganga soum,
Sukhbaatar Province
September 5 to 6 Sukhbaatar Province Council,
New tourist tours LLC
Ph: 976-11-319401
37 One Day in Mongolia nomad festival Galuut bag, Bayandelger soum, Tuv Province September 17 to 18 Gun galuut community association
38 Ulaanbaatar Art Fair Blue Moon Gallery, Ulaanbaatar September 25 to 30 City Tourism Office
Ph: 70108687
39 Gobi International Marathon Bulgan soum, Umnugovi Province September 20 Active Adventure Tours LLC, Mongolian Desert Camp,
Gerelt-Us LLC
Ph: 976-11-354662, 99008467, 99014425
40 Altai Eagle Festival Jaman Tube, Sagsai soum, Bayan-Ulgii Province September 17 to 18 Shar Orog Saaral LLC
Ph: 976-99110303, 94934994
41 Bird Watching Event Gorkhi-Terelj September 1 Mongolica LLC and the Mongolian Ornithological Society
Ph: 976-70110148, 88180148, 91000148
info@mongolica.org http://www.mongolica.org, www.mos.mn
42 Swan Forum Sangin Dalai Lake,
Uvurkhangai Province
December 9 to 10
43 Eagle Festival Bugat soum,
Bayan-Ulgii Province
October 1-2 Nomadic Ekspyedishnz LLC,
Bayan-Ulgii Province Eagle Alliance
44 Ice Challenge Ulaantsutgalan waterfall The first week of December Mongolian Mountaineering Association,
Mongolia Expeditions LLC
Ph: 976-99096911

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