Public transportation burdening the lives of UB residents


Even though the public transportation system was improved last year and new technology was introduced, the public is still not satisfied with how the system works. When it is 30 degrees Celsius degree outside, having to wait at least 30 minutes outdoors to catch a bus is really hard, especially for children.
This has become a problem for people who finish their work a little later than the majority. After 7:00 p.m., public transportation becomes rare, even along the central roads. When a bus finally arrives, it’s usually full. But in order to get home, people just get in and cram together, like animals. Those who can’t get on have to wait for another half hour for the next bus, but it is still uncertain if another bus will come. The later it gets, the more rare buses become. Because it is unbearably cold, people ask each other where they are traveling and take taxis together to split fares.
Crowded buses are good for thieves, many claim that the best place for stealing is public transportation. Passengers need to always be cautious about their belongings. Stepping on someone’s foot, or getting pushed is nothing while traveling by bus. We all endure these difficulties when using public transportation, but with the amount of money recently invested in public transportation, why are we being packed in like cattle? We are living in a metropolitan city with over million residents.
After 10 p.m., you can forget about taking public transportation to get home. You do have the option to get on available microbuses that drive like crazy, take a taxi, or walk home. People can’t always take a taxi, they prefer buying bread for their family instead of spending their money on taxis. Public transportation should be providing service to people without any problems until at least 10 p.m.
When the new system was introduced it should have considered any issues that might be faced. Of course, there are many advantages to the new smart system. For example, you can find bus routes at some bus stops, but not all. In other countries bus routes and schedules are displayed at all bus stops, and you can easily check how long it will be before your bus is supposed to come. But in Mongolia, even though we don’t know if any bus will arrive, we still hopefully wait.
Another problem related to public transportation is that bus drivers drive much faster than they should. When I once saw a picture on Facebook that compared the biggest rollercoaster in the world to Mongolia’s public transportation, I thought that the comparison was too extreme. But as I am now a regular bus rider, I do sometimes feel like I’m riding a rollercoaster.
Before introducing the new system, drivers and conductors were getting bonuses based on their fare collection. But now, even though the number of passengers doesn’t matter for bonuses, bus drivers still drive like crazy sometimes. When passengers complain and tell drivers to drive calmly, drivers say that if you don’t want sit quietly, just get off and take a taxi, which leads me to my next point: the city administration should involve drivers in training to improve their work ethic.
On the other side of the argument, passengers do irritate drivers by asking a bunch of questions. As bus routes are now displayed at most bus stops and more people can easily see which bus goes where, passengers shouldn’t be bothering drivers with these kinds of questions. Even though the public is complaining to bus service providers and the city administration, nothing ever really improves. Both sides of the public transportation system, providers and passengers, need to improve their ethics. That’s definitely an issue that needs to be tackled to improve the lives of Ulaanbaatar residents.

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