The nomad librarian


Children’s writer Dashdondog Jadamba faced many challenges in deciding what was the best material to read to children to instill democratic values within them, as opposed to communist indoctrinations.
He found his answer from the International Youth library in Munich and started translating the best children’s novels of the world. He has published a total 108 books for children.
Besides translating books recommended by the International Youth library in Munich, he wrote books using various Mongolian classic literatures as references.
In 1991, he started Mobile Library on an ox cart to read his books to children living in provinces. He continued to travel on horse, ox and camel carts, until he received a bus from Japan in 2002, which helped him carry on his “Nomad Library” venture.
Through the children’s library, J.Dashdondog started teaching children about ancient people who created rock painting, read stories to them and helped them write their own stories.
He taught and played ancient games with children that were played in the days of Chinggis Khaan, which used poetry and logical thinking, such as “wolf became marmot” and “white temeetsekh”.
He awarded the Gold Medal for Literary Wisdom to children who won book related competitions.
Famous American actor Ashton Kutcher posted about J.Dashdondog’s library on his Facebook page, and his interview was published in newspapers and magazines in the USA, Japan, Swiss, India, South Korea and China.
Japan, Germany, Singapore and South Korea made documentary movies about J.Dashdondog’s Mobile Library and his literary works. He received support from people around the world and spread his love for books throughout Mongolia.
J.Dashdondog encourages children to read books specified in the Book Program, implemented by the government within the scope of Mobile Library, and organizes lectures that teach parents and teachers how to correctly develop children using books.
Mobile Library has been organized for 25 years which has travelled to all 21 provinces of Mongolia and 330 soums. The library has traveled 137,000 kilometers so far.

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