MP G.Uyanga provides updates to Mongol Bank investigation


Member of Parliament (MP) G.Uyanga held a press conference on December 30, 2015, to make a statement to the press about an ongoing investigation of Mongol Bank authorities, according to local news outlets.

On March 5, 2015, MP G.Uyanga posted on her social media pages, that Mongol Bank had rewarded its staff with a total of 3.7 billion MNT in bonuses, and that she had asked the Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) to investigate the central bank’s president.

Sh.Chuluunbaatar, a former Mongol Bank employee, sent a letter to MP G.Uyanga stating that he was terminated from his post after the release of MP G.Uyanga’s social media post, and he is under investigation by law enforcement organizations. Sh.Chuluunbaatar claimed that he was accused of leaking information to the MP, but that he did not do so, and asked G.Uyanga to verify that he was not responsible for providing her with information.

At the press conference, MP G.Uyanga said that she did not receive information related to Mongol Bank from Sh.Chuluunbaatar, and that she does not know Sh.Chuluunbaatar. She said her source would remain anonymous.


After the press conference, G.Uyanga took questions from some journalists, which later appeared on www.news.mn.

Is the information related to Mongol Bank confidential?

I skimmed through the law on Mongol Bank and I did not see any regulation about distributing cash in the billions of MNT. Law enforcement organizations will investigate whether it is a case of corruption or not. If this issue is causing harm to the life of an innocent person, he could approach standing committees for further clarification and investigation.

There is a rumor that you met with Sh.Chuluunbaatar’s mother to get information.

Sh.Chuluunbaatar’s mother asked to meet with me. She said that she is devoting herself to her son, setting a goal to make her son well-educated, and she reached her goal. She said that my post made their lives, the life of her young, unmarried son, miserable. But they are people with conscious minds, and they don’t blame me directly. She asked me to approach a prosecutor and law enforcement organizations to prove that her son is innocent. Law enforcement agencies should call me for testimony as a witness if they’ve open a case. But no one has yet called, which makes me think that the investigation is not being conducted properly.

The most worrying thing is that charges have been issued for Sh.Chuluunbaatar and delivered to the prosecutor. I set up a meeting between Mongol Bank President Zoljargal and Sh.Chuluunbaatar’s mother. I told the Mongol Bank President to not play with future life of this young man. It is regretful that Mongol Bank is messing around with the life of an innocent citizen. I hope that the letter to the IAAC will help resolve the issue truthfully.

Some people say that you are planning to leave the Justice Coalition. Is this true?

The new Law on Elections has been ratified, therefore, there is a demand to make some political decisions. I will voice my decision when the time comes. I might stay in the Justice Coalition or leave it. But the solution I hope for is that Mongolians elected the Democratic Party and Mongolian People’s Party in shifts for the last 25 years. The people of Mongolia, the lifestyle, and image of Mongolia now look for completely different choices. I believe that we must act responsibly to create a different choice.

What is your position on the recently amended election law?

This law has blocked opportunities for small political parties and other political forces. First, it demands that political parties must be registered 180 days before an election. In other words, it means it will not allow for new political forces. Second, a political party which has obtained a seat from an electoral district has the right to divide proportional electoral districts. This means that even though a political party running a campaign from a non-majority electoral district can get high votes proportionally, but that party will not get any seats in parliament.

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3 Comments for “MP G.Uyanga provides updates to Mongol Bank investigation”

  1. The ONLY thing G. Uyanga ever does is trying to gain publicity in illegitimate ways, like the OT, PM and Mongol Bank story.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Uyanga is searching for any and every cause to get a foothold. If she supported Saikhanbileg she gets no credit—-so she searches for anything to increase her publicity. Unfortunately it looks weak, insincere and childish and does not show anything but distraction for progress in Mongolia.
      Is she too obstinate to see this or are others using her to impede Mongolia for their own purposes while letting her look the fool?

  2. Uyanga. Tried to unseat PM with petition—-went nowhere. Wants to investigate Mongol bank. Uses social media to announce her interest in leaving Justice coalition. Voices her opinion that she is unhappy with election rules, sounds like she wants her own party but can’t get any traction.
    Seems disruptive, divisive and non supportive of Mongolian development goals.
    Another publicity hound?

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