World Mongolia Green Coalition demands resignation of Mining Minister R.Jigjid


World Mongolia Green Coalition NGO has started demonstrating last Monday at Chinggis Square with signs stating “Let’s save our Burkhan Khaldun Mountain and Onon River”.
The NGO believes that approving mining licenses in the Onon River basin in Batshireet soum, Khentii Province violates the Law on Prohibition of Mining Activities in Forests, Rivers Basins and Water Reservoirs, also known as the long named law. The protestors demanded the resignation of Minister of Mining R.Jigjid and the termination of mining licenses in Burkhan Khaldun and Onon River area, a protected region since the days of Chinggis Khaan.
The demonstrators reportedly forced into the Government House gate and loudly demanded R.Jigjid’s resignation. Along with them were heads of Ongi River Movement, Bosoo Khukh Mongol, and Let’s Save Noyon Mountain Movement. The security guards of the Government House forced out the demonstrators and closed the gates.

The following is an interview with one of the heads of World Mongolia Green Coalition NGO G.Altanzaya.

Why did you enter the Government House?

Many demonstrate against the degradation of the environment. Unfortunately, [the people in charge] don’t respond. We passed the Government House gate to get a response to our demands.

Weren’t you a bit aggressive?

No one stopped us from getting in. We entered because the door was open. The Mongolian people get in when the door is open. We didn’t use force.
We argued a bit because the Government House security refused to let us in. When one of our men fell down, they kicked his head.

Did other organizations participate in the demonstration? The head of Ongi River Movement was seen demonstrating with you.

They didn’t organize it. They just came to support us.

What are you planning in the future?

We’ll move to the next stage of the protest. I see that we won’t reach anything if we fight one by one. We’re just against how the decision makers are violating the long named law and issuing mining licenses. I’m from Uvs Province.
Our province is about to face the same situation. They’re about ready to dig the State Worshipped Khankhukhii Mountain. Due to the discovery of oil deposits in nine soums around Uvs Lake, we’re close to danger.

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  1. At any cost, don’t let greed destroy your magnificent country.

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