29 Mongolian athletes to attend the Olympics

G.Oyungerel /swimming/, by invitation She is an athlete of Khangarid Sport Guild. G.Oyungerel is taking part in women’s 100 meters backstroke.
P.Serdamba /Men’s Light Flyweight (49 kg), boxing/ The first Mongolian boxer to become victorious two times in World Championships, Labor Hero of Mongolia and State Honored Athlete. He is a gold medalist of Beijing Olympics.
U.Munkh-Erdene /Men’s Light Welterweight (64 kg), boxing/ In the world boxers rank list which AIBA International Amateur Boxing Association renewed recently, this State Honored Athlete ranked second. He is also a bronze medalist of the World Championship.
N.Tugstsogt /men’s Flyweight (52 kg), boxing/ One of the youngest State Honored Athletes. He won his Olympic right beating Pakistani boxer by 22:9 margin in the Olympic qualifying tournament.
B.Tuvshinbat /men’s welterweight (69 kg), boxing/ An athlete of ‘Huch’ Sports guild N.Tuvshinbat is a young and successful boxer. He is the World Youth Boxing Champion. He got his Olympic right at the competition in Astana, Kazakhstan.
D.Otgontsetseg /women’s 48 kg, freestyle wrestling/ She successfully participated in several competitions such as winning bronze from World Youth Championships 2009 and 2010, and a silver medal from the World Championship last year.
S.Byambatseren /women’s 55 kg, freestyle wrestling/
S.Battsetseg /women’s 63 kg, freestyle wrestling/ An athlete of ‘Khilchin’ sports club, gold medalist of the World Championship held in Moscow. She also won gold medal from the Asian Youth Championship 2009 as well as silver medal from the adults Champioship of Asia in 2010.
O.Burmaa /women’s 72 kg, freestyle wrestling/ Mongolian State Honored Athlete. She received her Olympic right from the Olympic qualifying tournament held in Tanyuanyuan, China.
B.Naranbaatar/men’s55 kg, freestyle wrestling/ International SM and State Honored Athlete
P.Unurbat /men’s 74 kg, freestyle wrestling/ He was qualified for the Olympics at the freestyle wrestling competition held in Taiyuan, China by winning a silver medal.
O.Uitumen /men’s84 kg, freestyle wrestling/
J.Chuluunbat /men’s 120kg, freestyle wrestling/ He won a gold medal from the adults World Freestyle Wrestling Championship held in Istanbul, Turkey.
D.Tumurkhuleg /men’s 60 kg, judo wrestling/ International SM D.Tumurkhuleg ranks seventh in the world. He achieved first place of the ‘Chinggis Khan’ World Cup competition.
Kh.Tsagaanbaatar /men’s 66 kg, judo wrestling/ He won medals from 80 per cent of the competitions he participated in.
S.Nyam-Ochir /men’s 73 kg, judo wrestling/ As a result of his winning gold, silver, and bronze medals from several internationally rated, large competitions he ranked also fifth in the world and got his right to attend London Olympics.
N.Tuvshinbayar /men’s -100 kg, judo wrestling/ Gold medallist of Beijing Olympics has been training since he was 18. He first placed second in the Asian Championship and after that participated well in several international competitions World Cups and Championships.
M.Urantsetseg /women’s 48 kg, judo wrestling/
M.Bundmaa /women’s 52 kg, judo wrestling/ the member of Mongolian Judo and Sambo wrestling league, Mongolian State Honored Athlete. She is auccessful athlete who earned medals from big international competitions, like the Grand Slam in Paris and World Masters Competition.
D.Sumiya/women’s 57 kg, judo wrestling/
Ts.Munkhzaya /women’s 63 kg, judo wrestling/
P.Lhamdegd /women’s -73 kg, judo wrestling/ International SM and Asian Judo Champion
O.Gundegmaa /women’s 25 m pistol, shooting/ Labor Hero of Mongolia, State Honored Athlete and a silver medlist of the Beijing Olympics. She won two silver medals from the shooting grand prix tournaments and then achieved her right to attend the Olympics.
N.Bayaraa /men’s 10m air rifle, shooting/ He won the bronze medal from Asian Shooting Championship in Doha, Qatar, therefore qualified for the Olympics.

The Olympics team has already started heading to London and four Olympicboxers left for London yesterday. The Mongolian Olympics Committee and Boxing Committee, Physical Education and Sports Department, representatives of senior athletes and coaches said farewell to the athletes on July 18 and wished them the good luck and success. The Olympic Swimmers are leaving for London today.

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