Young designer B.Erdenechimeg aspires to produce world brands in Mongolia

Trans. by B.DULGUUN

Mongolian illustrator and designer B.Erdenechimeg won Victorinox’s Design Contest for Classic Limited Edition 2016 with her “Rainforest Walk” design. The contest is being organized by famous Swiss knife company Victorinox from September 22 to 29.
B.Erdenechimeg is a talented young designer who sharpens her skills at various design competitions. She has recently won an advertisement competition for Coca Cola. Many large companies have tried to recruit her but she prefers being a freelance designer as she believes it gives her more freedom to think of new designs and ideas. 
B.Erdenechimeg gave an interview from Montreal, Canada, where she currently resides

Congratulations on becoming one of the winners of Victorinox’s design contest. How did you find out about this contest?

I signed up for an online design course last summer to improve myself. I keep contact with the people I met through the course. One of them told me about this competition. That person told me that she was taking part in the contest to design Victorinox’s new limited edition knife and asked us to vote for her design.
When I looked up the competition, I found out that the competition was still open for design submissions. So I sent my design to test my skills.
This competition takes place every year. It’s considered to be quite reputable as designers from many countries compete.

Do you know the number of participants? Can you tell us about your “Rainforest Walk” design?

1,024 designs were submitted for the competition. The best 40 designs were announced to the public. The competition didn’t finish with this. The best of the best has to be determined. It was a good choice for me to use a theme related to nature as the knife was for travels.
The knife was decorated with leaves and flower shapes. I used to live in Singapore so I got the idea from the plants and trees I often saw there. My grandmother was fascinated with their shapes when she first saw them. If you look closely, they have really interesting shapes. Afterwards, I wanted to use these shapes for my own designs.

Was the winner selected through a public poll?

Yes. Top 10 designs were selected through a public poll. The final results will be announced next week. Victorinox will produce limited editions of the winning designs and sell them for a slightly higher price than the regular range. I’m confident that my design will be selected again because many Mongolians are supporting me.

You majored in multimedia design. Can you explain what you do?

I finished School No.1 of Ulaanbaatar in 2006 and studied multimedia design for three years in Malaysia. I always enjoyed drawing. This interest developed to illustrations and designs so I chose this major.
I received job offers from several Singaporean companies while studying in Malaysia. I was elated at the time. I felt like I shouldn’t lose this opportunity and worked as the general designer at a Singaporean advertisement agency.
Text, graphic images, animation, video and sound are all elements of multimedia. These elements are used to make designs. Multimedia is widely used in advertisement and promotion. I used to come up with ideas for advertisement but now I design labels and decorations.

What do you think about advertisement in Mongolia?

Advertisement is diversifying as IT develops. This is good but there are many advertisement that look similar.

Is it true that you worked at world famous marketing companies Ogilvy & Mather and Publicis?

My first job as a designer was at Publicis. I designed an advertisement for Paypal Holdings, which operates a worldwide online payment system. I became the designer with the best portfolio at Publicis and received an offer from Ogilvy. In general, I was in charge of advertisement design and solutions at these companies.

Where do you get your inspirations for your designs?

I had to work with another person whenever I had to come up with new ideas at the marketing companies. For example, with a slogan-maker for the product.
We would discuss, draw up a design and present the idea together. Now, I do all of this alone.

How are your designs different from other people’s designs?

I’m not sure. I’m just starting to find my own style. I will be more sure of my own style and signature with more experience.

What’s your dream?

I want to create my own brand and manufacture it in Mongolia. In other words, producing a world brand in Mongolia is my dream. I will work hard to realize this dream.

Source: Unuudur

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  1. The Swiss Knife company Victorinox knows the good Rainforest Walk since it is the victory of the knocks that gets you the promotion of your advertisement making a good company in the country.

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