Heating systems malfunction as winter arrives

Trans. by B.DULGUUN

The cold weather is becoming more severe every day. Yet, the heating systems of households, offices, schools, and kindergartens have started to malfunction in the capital.
Thermal power stations aren’t able to provide an adequate amount of heat to buildings throughout Ulaanbaatar.
Presently, the capital’s three coal-fired Thermal Power Plants No.2, No.3, and No.4 supply a total of around 1,555 G/kal of thermal energy to over 6,000 buildings and facilities in the capital through 290.8 km of heating pipeline, according to mad-research.com.
Some kindergartens advised parents to ensure that their children are wearing warm clothes and to bring extra blankets for afternoon naps, as the heating in some kindergartens has been poor. Teachers from Ulaanbaatar’s Kindergarten No.157 asked parents to bring extra blankets for their children, according to B.Gereltuya, mother of one of the children at Kindergarten No.157. Kindergarten staff can’t be blamed for making this demand, since they’re only looking out for the health of the children. The main problem is related to the insufficient infrastructure for heat provision, particularly in outer areas of the city. This issue has become more serious as construction and urban development expands.
The Daily Newspaper visited Kindergarten No.135 in Sukhbaatar District to learn more about the heating provision issues at the kindergarten.
Kindergarten No.135 has 13 classes and 583 children enrolled. Each class has 36 to 37 children. Methodologist at the kindergarten, Ts.Dogsom, stated that the kindergarten insulated its windows and took all necessary measures to prevent heat loss due to sudden cold weather. Children’s blankets had been switched to warmer winter blankets, and both teachers and children were spotted in two layers of wool sweaters and trousers. Methodologist Ts.Dogsom pointed out that this year’s heating system was functioning poorly compared to last year.
“Even if the heating is poor, to whom would we complain? The state is facing financial problems and the public is living like the Mongolian expression ‘take from the rear skirt and patch it to the front’. We are using the resources we already have in consideration of both sides,” expressed Ts.Dogsom.

Cold air breezes through offices, households and kindergartens

Some city residents were asked about the l heating systems at households, kindergartens, and offices to get a clear grasp of the situation.

B.Gereltuya, Bayangol District resident: My son goes to Kindergarten No.157. The kindergarten seemed to be cold in general. He sleeps with a thick winter blanket. It appears that every household and office in Ulaanbaatar is cold. I started wearing double-layers at home and work. The heating provision to kindergartens, where children spend most of their time, should be increased a little more. It’s difficult for teachers, as well. Catching the flu is the least worry I have in regards to insufficient heating. I hear that many children have started to wet their beds during afternoon naps because of the cold. Parents have been instructed to bring warm blankets and ensure that children wear warm shoes and thick clothes to kindergarten.

L.Oyun-Erdene, Sukhbaatar District resident: I live in the 10th micro-district in Sukhbaatar District. Our heating system frequently malfunctions and cuts off. Even on Monday, the heating didn’t come until 10:00 p.m. Heating around this area is quite poor. My family has been wearing warm clothes at home since October.

Kh.Sanchir, Bayangol District resident: Two of my children go to Kindergarten No.93. The heating there is quite bad. Children switched to warm blankets a month ago. I live at Apartment No.15 in the sixth micro-district. Not only the kindergarten, but the whole area is facing problems with heating. We call heat distribution centers every day to complain. I don’t know if they ignore us or just don’t have the opportunity, but so far no measures have been taken.

L.Lkhagvaa, Bayangol District resident: In general, it seems that heating for households, workplaces, schools, and kindergartens seems to be inadequate. Flu has been spreading considerably lately. The number of people catching the flu escalated rapidly last year, and the majority affected were kindergarten children. You can easily get a sore throat from the cold. My granddaughter goes to Kindergarten No.88. She caught a cold because of poor heating in the classroom. I’ve decided not to take her to kindergarten until the weather becomes warmer, since she’s only two years old. Apartments in the 3rd and 4th micro-district are cold, so we use additional radiators. At this rate, both the young and old will endure the winter in difficult conditions.

What’s causing the cold?

Residents are sending complaints about inadequate heating from every corner of the capital.
Heating in the 11th and 13th micro-districts in Bayangol District is particularly poor and several kindergartens are likely to temporarily stop operations because of heating issues, according to Daily Newspaper.

The Head of the second branch of Ulaanbaatar Heating Network Company, L.Amarbat, was interviewed to speak about heating system problems.

The heating system has been malfunctioning even though it’s only the start of winter. Why isn’t it operating properly?

Our branch is doing some configuration at heat and power stations. Some areas are experiencing poor heating because this work hasn’t finished yet. Everything will function normally once the configuration work is completed, very soon.

The heat distribution center began providing heat two months ago. Couldn’t the configuration work be completed before that time?

Of course, we’re working to finish our job on time. It’s true that configuration work slowed down due to some factors.

The heat settings of some micro-districts are being transferred to Amgalan Thermal Power Station. The configuration work is slowing down because of this, according to the Apartment Owners’ Association. Is this true?

No. It’s true that we’re transferring heat settings to Amgalan Thermal Power Station, but this isn’t the cause of the malfunction in the heating system. We’re providing heat according to schedule. I hope residents exercise patience on this matter, as we’ll return to normal operations soon. Residents shouldn’t only rely on heat distributors, and insulate doors and windows themselves.

Source: Daily Newspaper

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