Mongolia starts setting up camp in Antarctica

Trans. by B.TUNGALAG

Mongolia is about to establish its own camp in Antarctica and conduct a research expedition. President of the Mongolian Antarctica Research Association and Ambassador of Mongolia to Bulgaria L.Dugerjav has participated in five Antarctic expeditions.
On November 23, he organized a press conference and said, “Mongolia joined the Antarctic Treaty System on July 2015. Mongolia wasn’t allowed to participate in expeditions in Antarctica individually before signing this contract. Mongolia has a chance to establish its own camp and conduct expeditions by joining the Antarctic Treaty System. More Mongolians are now able to go to Antarctica. ”

Below is an interview with L.Dugerjav.

How much money do you need to set up camp? Who invests in the camp?

The expedition camp is expected to need 250,000 USD. But we don’t have the chance to raise this amount of money. We are currently buying old containers from a Spanish camp for 90 million MNT. We are aiming to build a camp of 25 square meters in Antarctica that can contain five people. Establishing a camp takes several years for sure.

Exactly what do you study in Antarctica?

The Antarctic expedition will study living environments for people. We study how mankind survives in Antarctica, and what we can eat, drink, and wear there. We are currently researching climate change, temperature, geology, geography, and water in Antarctica.

Is it necessary for Mongolians to spend so much money and time on studying Antarctica?

We have only one Earth. Mongolia is part of Earth. We can measure desertification and climate change in our home country, Mongolia. The Arctic and Antarctica can be studied and measured like that. That’s why international scientists are researching Antarctica.
Antarctica contains 80 percent of the world’s freshwater resources (ice). Global warming is taking place intensively these days. Antarctica is a refrigerator against global warming. Mongolia must be part of the expedition. Antarctica is a center of international study.

How many Mongolians have been to Antarctica?

Scientist N.Tserendeleg was part of a Russian team of researchers in 1972 and went there. N.Chuluunbat went there in 1982, and Ch.Batbold visited Antarctica in 2008.
I went to Antarctica between 2008 to 2013. A member of the band Shar Airag, G.Gankhuu, went with me as a tourist.

How many countries have established camps in Antarctica?

There are 54 countries in the Antarctic Treaty System. Kazakhstan has recently joined. A total of 29 countries out of 54 have camps in Antarctica. Twenty camps are running activities intensively. Russia has three huge camps.

How many tourists go to see Antarctica every year? Is there any quota limit?

Everyone wants to travel to Antarctica. Antarctica is like the end of the earth. I heard that there are 600,000 Japanese who want to travel to Antarctica. But around 20,000 tourists reach Antarctica by plane. Camps in Antarctica can receive less than 20,000 tourists in a year. Not everyone can go there.
The average temperature in Antarctica is -54 degrees Celsius. The temperature in summertime is -34 degrees Celsius, and wintertime is -74 degrees Celsius.
There is no bacterium in Antarctica. You will see only penguins there.

Source: Unuudur

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