2012 Action Plan of All Political Parties: Other Field Policies

5. Take measures against violence and unethical actions of officials and public servants.
6. Establish human rights legislation and social guarantees.
7. Introduce new principles to protect children’s rights, place in the family, education, and cooperate with children’s rights protection organizations and national traditions.
8. Create working conditions for people with disabilities and provide them with opportunities to learn skills and to be educated.
9. Increase the involvement of civil society to provide human rights. Protect and develop the values of democracy firmly.
10. Create an appropriate mechanism for political party financing.
11. Take certain measures to combat drug use and alcohol abuse.
2. Political structure and administrative innovation
1. Tighten up the legal, political and moral responsibility of high-ranking political officials
2. Introduce modern evaluation methods and standards to all levels of state offices that evaluate development policy, performance of enterprise, entities and units.
3. Implement firmly the regulation of conflict of interest and tighten up the measures that will be taken against those involved in conflict of interest.
4. Improve the legal environment of customs and taxation entities and introduce current methods of public evaluation to their operation.
5. Firmly combat against corruption. Have tenders and bid operations open to the public.
6. Develop a relationship among the state and private sector as well as the fellowship of civil society.
7. Widely use online/internet service within the all levels of the state operation. Make amendments to the constitution and innovations within the parliament structure.
8. Have Parliament improve the supervision to the government.
9. Establish a legal environment so that the government will be the initiator regarding laws and regulations on budget and taxation issues, rather than members of parliament.
10. Formally charge state officials who have misused their positions.
11. Upgrade the independence of the court system and further renovate the court step by step.
12. Ensure the health and security needs of witnesses and victims, and create conditions to carry out a trial that is open to the public.
13. Enact a program to accommodate public officials to acquire apartments for a reasonable price.
14. Introduce policy that solves requests and comments from citizens. Ensure press and media are separate from the politics.
15. Release press and media organizations from VAT.
16. Revise the law provision that sentenced journalists for publishing libelous information and amend it.
17. Provide the press with greater freedom and comply with an international standard.
Foreign Relations
1. Reinforce a strategic partnership relationship with Russia and China and develop and deepen further collaboration.
2. Implement the third neighbor policy firmly and intensify the cooperation within those countries.
3. Call and support Mongolians abroad to come and work in Mongolia and release them from population income tax for three years.
4. Create a policy to ease visa working conditions for Mongolians to visit foreign countries.
5. Ease the conditions for Mongolians who reside abroad to visit the motherland.
6. Implement a program devoted to Mongolian citizens and their children who live and study abroad that will give them the opportunity to study and learn the Mongolian language and culture.
7. Protect the rights of the Mongolians who reside abroad and support the initiation and establishment of Mongolian communities in overseas.
National security
1. Renovate political policy, technology and the legal environment around this issue that will fulfill the national security in compliance with a newly created security environment, geopolitical conditions, economy security, the country’s development outlook and further orientation.
2. Establish a harmonious geopolitical security environment by deepening the concept of the foreign policy, increasing the activity in the international security cooperation and expanding the mutual beneficial foreign relations.
Defense Policy and borders protection
1. Renew the service term of military service.
2. Increase the participatory capacity of our armed forces to defend the motherland and take part in the UN’s peacekeeping operations.
3. Increase the salary, pension and welfare of military servants and officials in compliance with economic growth.
4. Implement a program to accommodate military officials.
5. Establish international standard revitalization resorts and hospitals devoted to participants of the peacekeeping operations.
6. Organize nationwide events, sports and cultural competitions annually among teenagers and students.

Democratic Party
Defense Policy
1. Renew the defense policy.
2. Compose a new defense force based on professional military servants.
3. Define a new policy on customs protection; introduce new devices, tools, and technology in the defense field.
4. Strenghthen the relations of citizens to military servants.
5. Improve the social and legal guarantee of military servants.
Foreign Relations
1. Ease the visa conditions for Mongolian people to visit to Russia, South Korea, Japan, USA and European Union countries.
2. Support trade near the borders. Establish a legal environment for provincial people to enter the border for a short period.
3. The offices related to the forign relations should be composed of professional diplomats.
4. Provide Mongolian people with emergency services in case of accidents, injuries, harm, or attacks when going abroad.
5. Implement a program “Mongolians Help Mongolia” in support of activities and operations of volunteer communites founded by Mongolian people residing abroad.
6. Create working and living conditions for Mongolians living and working abroad to return and contribute to Mongolia, to come back and work in the motherland.
7. Implement a program to help Mongolian children who live and study abroad to learn Mongolian language and culture.
Social Security
1. Strictly prohibit burying nuclear waste in Mongolian territory.
2. Support the use of the food products that reach standard requirements.
3. Improve the operation of organizations that combat drug use, alcohol abuse and human trafficking. Train human resourses regarding issues abroad.
4. Support the operation of oganisations which combats the alcohol abuse and drug use.
5. Legally prohibit buying alcoholic beverages by budget money. Implement policy to reduce the packaging and bottling of alcohol by volume of the spirit.

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