Heaven Whips and Lashes


Everyone packed into the large hall waited in anticipation to see what was behind the blue veil draped gently over mysterious shaped and secretive items. Once the veil was lifted, an awed silence from the crowd greeted the magnificence of the first century Hun era artefacts that overwhelmed the room.
More often than not, the Hun era rulers seemed to have collected items labelled “Heaven’s” whip, an arrow or sword rather than scripts and scrolls. Each artefact spoke volumes about the ancient rulers.
The second portion of the exhibition, which represented the nine warriors of Chingis Khan as wolves, also was a feast for the eyes. The State Symbol was engraved on the fearsome animal that was portrayed in a menacing growl. Though similar, each different wolf embodied the characteristics of nine noble warriors.
One other specialty of the exhibition is the impressionist sculptures representing nature. The rain, wind and sand were represented in the form of a beautiful woman. The delicately crafted sculptures bore the title of Heaven’s Designand illustrated three different worlds. This is the first of its kind exhibited in Mongolia.
They are the first of its kind because there were no casting factories in Mongolia; previously artists were forced to travel to China with their delicately crafted pieces to have their pieces casted.The newly formed Mongol UranTsutguur Company is now able to cast the sculptures here in Mongolia.
The owner of the exhibition is the director of an art company and sculptor, U.Batsuren. He has displayed 17 of his best works which took him over five years to complete.
U.Batsuren conveys that cast sculpting isn’t a job of one person, it takes many. Additionally, He stated, “Of course the sculptor comes up with the idea. The form and concept must be actualized and visualized; it evolves through many stages and receives input from many individuals. Sculpting is teamworkand this exhibition is the result and achievement of our team.”
This is U.Batsuren’s first independent exhibition. The exhibition will be open for only a week, so hurry and see the cast sculpting arts that began from the time of the great sculptor Zanabazar.

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