Hidden grenade rumor sparks public panic


A hand grenade was sent to Chinggeltei District Police Department No.1 last Friday. The police closed roads and streets within a 200 meter radius of the building due to safety concerns.
The closed roads and talk about the grenade gave rise to many speculations among the public. A rumor quickly broke out that a hand grenade was left hidden near TEDY Center of Mobicom, near the police department. Some passersby said, “I wonder if there was really a hidden hand grenade here. It was very scary to hear those rumors.” TEDY Center was evacuated at around 12:50 p.m., shortly after the police warning was issued.
Chinggeltei District Police No.1 reported later that a Mongolian citizen brought the hand grenade to the police after finding it while traveling in Khalkhgol soum in Dornod Province a few days earlier. The 200 m radius area was closed while the bomb disposal squad from Military Unit No.084 was rendering the grenade safe at the police department. The squad reported to the police that the grenade was active and requested the evacuation of the area in case of explosion during disarmament.
The police didn’t announce that the grenade was brought in by a resident and that it was under control of a specialized squad. Residents and security staff of international meetings underway in the city center have expressed concerns about the rumors.
“A resident who recently returned from travel in Dornod Province brought the hand grenade in his car to the police department at around 12:30 p.m. on Friday. The grenade’s design resembled those from the 1930s. We closed traffic within a 200 m radius area to prevent casualties in case of emergency. We want to remind the public to report to police if they find explosives and ammunition, without directly transporting them,” said Yo.Lkhagvasuren, Senior Communications Officer at the General Police Department.

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