Magic realism


Young artists O.Zolbootuguldur and B.Nomin have opened a joint exhibition at ArtiCour Art Gallery, located on the third floor of Zaisan Square, on view until August 9.
Both artists, who create magic realism, graduated from the Fine Arts institute of Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture. B.Nomin graduated in 2005 and has had three solo exhibitions and has participated in multiple international and domestic group exhibitions. O.Zolbootuguldur has had two solo exhibitions and multiple group exhibitions. In this exhibition they have represented the problems as well as the treasures of life.
B.Nomin approaches the issues we face today in a critical manner. There were several paintings that really spoke to that purpose. They were there telling us to wake up, to remember our Mongolian traditions and do something about preserving them. The girls in one painting, hiding their eyes, mouths or ears, made me think of our inability to change chaos in urbanization; how we are just ignoring problems simply by choosing to not look at them, hearing them, or talking about them. Another work by B.Nomin, “Black and White”, stood out from the rest. A girl is sitting on a dock and below her is a sea of socks. “I’m representing the time I had to say farewell to my childhood and step into the sea of life.” She told me the different colors of socks look like the different types of emotions and experiences you’ll encounter and the number of socks represent the days and years of life. As we say in Mongolian, an older person has “worn more socks than you”.
As for Zolbootuguldur, she doesn’t like to be critical in her paintings. She is very optimistic, so she always tries to see the best in the world and believes that we should all be grateful for what we have. “Life is vast; life is full of magic,” she says. You can see that her paintings are nature-based, and full of bright, lively colors, unlike the contrast-favoring Nomin. She has an air of content around her, and it’s calming.
All in all, the exhibition seems like a perfect mix of yin and yang. Although the two might present their expressions in a similar way, their message is far from identical. One is deep and critical, and the other is kind and grateful. View these artworks for the bliss of balance and a little bit of magic.

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