Time is Speeding Up, Really!

By P.Leon

When I say, “Time is speeding up,” people just look at me and say, “It’s just because you are getting older.” I don’t think so. There is evidence that time may in fact be speeding up.
Firstly, one must understand that time is relative. Traditionally, we think of time as being a constant in the universe, but it’s not. Einstein proved that. His calculations showed that the closer an object comes to the speed of light, the slower time passes. Scientists have done experiments that prove Einstein’s theory to be correct.
So, if Einstein’s theory is correct, then the opposite must be true; if our speed decreases, time will speed up! Researcher Greg Braden says that that is exactly what is happening. The rotation of the Earth is slowing down, and time is speeding up. Evidence for his assertions comes from the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance is, in layman’s terms, the heartbeat of the Earth. In scientific terms, it is the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) of the Earth’s magnetic field. In the 1950’s when the Schumann Resonance was discovered, it was recorded to be an average of 7.8 Hertz. Now, according to Swedish and Russian researchers, says Braden, it is an average of 12 Hertz. That means that the normal 24-hour day feels like a 16-hour day. In essence, we’ve lost one third of our normal daytime.
Interestingly, the Bible predicted this would happen. It reads, “And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.” (Revelations 8:12).
However, if time is speeding up, how come the clocks aren’t speeding up? Why don’t the clocks on Earth indicate a 16 hour day? That’s a great question! I have the same question, and I don’t have a scientific answer for you. My best guess would be that the speed of the electrical pulses on Earth is somehow tied to speed of the rotation of the Earth. This would explain why a two-hour movie, still takes two hours to play by our clocks. But, how can the speed of the rotation of the Earth affect anything on Earth (other than time)? Well, we know for a fact that the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening at a parabolic rate. And since magnetism and electricity are so closely related, wouldn’t this have an effect on the electricity of the planet?
Furthermore, Mr. Braden says that the Earth’s rotation will eventually stop with respect to the sun, and start rotating the opposite direction. Scientists have known for a long time that there have been reversals in our Earth’s magnetic field once about every 10-12 thousand years, but they don’t know why or how. Braden provides us with an answer. Our Earth is a gigantic magnet. In elementary physics, we learn that if you change the direction of the rotation of the electro-magnetic we reverse the direction of the magnetic field.
That, as it may be, I wonder how is it possible that so many people are oblivious to the acceleration of time? If you’ve ever seen the movie, “The Cube,” you might get the picture. In one room of the cube, time was slower; and in another room of the cube, time was faster. However, to the perceivers inside each room, time seemed constant. They were completely unaware of the change in the speed of time, except when the characters looked into another room, from outside. That’s why many people today think that I’m crazy to suggest that time is speeding up; because it is nearly imperceptible. However, I use benchmarks to measure time. Like when I was a child in the car looking out the window. As my father accelerated very slowly, I could not feel the acceleration, but I saw the fence posts going by faster and faster. The fence posts were my benchmarks.
The benchmarks that I use today to perceive the acceleration of time are as follows. I cannot teach the same amount of material in one 40-minute lesson that I could two years ago. I cannot get the same amount of work done in an 8-hour work day as I could two years ago. I cannot get the same amount of tasks done in a 24-hour day as I could two years ago. Am I the only person who has notices these things? No. Just do a Google-search for “time is speeding up” and you will see 37 million web-pages that deal with the issue of time speeding up. Some of the authors of the aforementioned websites have made the connection between Braden’s work and Terence McKenna’s work entitled, “Time-Wave Zero”. McKenna’s work is fascinating. In a nutshell, he took the 64 ideograms from the I-Ching and mapped them in a linear fashion onto a 2-dimensional graph. He got a “time wave”. When he placed the “time wave graph” over a time graph of world history, he noticed some amazing correlations. The peaks of the “time wave graph” matched significant events in world history. While that is interesting in and of itself, the most interesting thing is that the wave ends on December 21, 2012. At that precise point, the wave hits the zero line on the graph, and McKenna interprets that as the end of time. There will be no time. We will be in a state of being where there is NO TIME.
Even more interesting is what Braden says. He says that when the Schumann Resonance hits 13 Hertz, time will speed up to infinity. How he arrived at that conclusion is beyond me. However, some new-agers have interpreted this to mean that we who will be living on planet Earth when that happens will experience a shift in consciousness. The veils of secrecy will be lifted. We will then become cognizant of all the lies that we’ve been told by politicians, historians, and the like. Furthermore, it is told by the ancients that the veil between this mortal realm and the spirit realm will dissolve. We will be able to freely converse with those on “the other side”. If what the new-agers and the ancients predict is true, I personally can’t wait.

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10 Comments for “Time is Speeding Up, Really!”

  1. People appear not acknowledge the fact that, we are minuscule in a vast unknown, we are pulled along inside our “Milky Way” which itself is being pulled into an ever expanding universe! and no one knows what into. You all try to explain in scientific facts which can only apply to what we know. What I feel is that time as we know it is definitely speeding up, and the sad thing is Money therefore power does not play a part for the powers that be. Just like this little earth is on a wobble so the powerfull people on a wobble with conundrum .

  2. time is indeed speeding up ive said this for a couple years now. more energy = more speed we measure time in a 3D way when its a 5th dimensional concept. until we can see in a 5th dimensional consciousness we wont uunderstand how it works. ill add that our planet is going to be shaken from the ground up until all thats left is integrity. we live in the most interesting time in history. =) I am an old soul.

  3. I’ve definitely noticed that the way I perceive time is changing. Everyone is getting older, so maybe this is all just an illusion. Considering time, that wouldn’t be a surprise.

  4. I was pleased to read this article, personally I have sensed this for 2 years now. I am retired and have time to notice things about me as I study nature more, busy myself more. Seems the weeks just come and go so fast, in fact I told this person last year. I don’t know what’s happening but it seems time is speeding up! I can’t explain it but I feel it. He agreed. It’s something you just sense when you stop to see what’s going on about you. I too said, it’s my age… But it’s not!!!

  5. Fallacies or not, I do indeed believe time has speeded up. The day, as we experienced it, say, eigyt or nine years ago, seems to be much, much shorter. I thought it was because we seem so invilved in looking at computer screens, on telephones and other gadgets; that it takes longer to make phone calls and effect business because of the infernal ‘voice queue systems’ or that trafiic is more congested and so journeys we expect to take half an hour can be actually much longer. It could be put down to youth ; days seemed much longer when we were younger, But the young are also saying that the years are going quickly and days seem to pass quickly. It does, literally, feel like time is disappearing, as great spiritual leaders have always said: time is all happening at once, in an instant and WE choose the length of it (in our thoughts and by oiur attention to it. Being bored at work makes time seem longer, being involved in something can make it seem exciting and arresting, yet being uninvolved can make it pass like lightning. Despite the so-called science behind it, if we are all saying it is passing so quickly, there must be a collective energy behind it we can all discern.

  6. Do you have any evidence (other then Gregg Braden) that the Schumann Resonance frequency is increasing?

  7. It’s difficult to know where to begin – so many fallacies in such a short post. Maybe start with , Gregg Braden knows nothing about science, he just makes stuff up.
    The Schumann Resonance has nothing to with the rotational speed of the Earth, it isn’t “the heartbeat of the Earth” (whatever that means), and it isn’t speeding up as Gregg would have you believe – it’s steady at 7.8 Hz +/- 0.5.

    The Earth’s rotation is slowing though, about 17 milliseconds over the past 100 years.Do you seriously believe that a day is now only 16 hours in duration, c’mon?? The clock thing (don’t forget mechanical clocks too) would disprove that notion straightaway not to mention airplanes, trains, cars would have to travel 50% faster to cover the same distance in the same time (unless the Earth was shrinking as well, though not even Gregg has suggested that). And your DVD player would have to spin 50% faster, but seriously??

    The Earth’s magnetic field strength is about 10% weaker than 100 years ago but fluctuates up and down over long periods, I can’t find any source that says it decreasing at a parabolic rate, perhaps you can. Magnetic pole reversals occur around every 200,000 – 300,000 years (not 10,000 – 12,000) and scientists do know why (don’t mistake Gregg Braden for a scientist) – they take thousands of years to complete.

    The Earth will NOT stop rotating and then start rotating in the opposite direction, not possible, never happened, never will. This is perhaps the most ridiculous of Gregg’s assertions

    Why are so many people oblivious to time speeding up? Maybe because most people can’t discern 1 millisecond spread over a 6 year period? My question is: why do so many people believe in this BS?

    Do a bit of research, it’s not hard.

    • Clocks won’t disprove anything if they have been affected, too. Clocks will still measure out a 24 hour day regardless because that is what they are made to do. If time were to speed up or slow down then the clocks would also speed up or slow down at the same rate. The clocks would not exist inside a bubble where they were protected from the changes in the flow of time.

  8. if the rotation of the earth is slowing down then it will take more time .why it is taking less time.

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