“Genius, Personality, and the Development of a Country”

These hard times did not stop young Franklin. He read and read. He loved books. He taught himself to be an excellent writer. He had a hunger for knowledge as a young man that was to serve him well in his older years.
He fled form his brother’s somewhat brutal and exploitive grasp and found his way to Philadelphia. After a while, a benefactor of his paid his way to London. London was a mind-expanding experience for the young man. He learned much about the world.
After a few years, he returned to Philadelphia and made his fortune. He ran a newspaper, became a wealthy businessman and a famous author. He helped develop an understanding of daylight savings time. He helped increase the world’s understanding of ocean currents and the Gulf Stream, which is an ocean current that runs from the Gulf of Mexico to Western Europe and beyond. He also invented a “glass armonica”, a fascinating, if arcane musical instrument, for which some of the great composers of his day wrote works to be played on it.
He invented the lightning rod. When you see a ship, building or a house saved by a lightning rod you should remember Benjamin Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin’s mind seemed to be always in overdrive. He was a political leader who was a major part of the birth and early development of the United States. He was a scientist who curiosity was incredibly active and effective in fields as varied as physics, oceanography and even economics.
He brought himself up from poverty and anonymity to great wealth and international recognition and prestige. He literally became one of the most famous men in the world of his time. This same person was once effectively an indentured servant in his brother’s print shop.
Benjamin had little formal education, but voraciously read, listened and learned. He also traveled and was a great raconteur at some of the most prestigious salons of his day.
Franklin was an amazing person. He exhibits the sense of hard work, perseverance, and drive that was to make America great. He also was one of the people who started the idea of civic organizations in the United States. He was a great believer in the importance of community as well as a supremely successful person. He was the ultimate networker and connections man.
When most Americans think of Benjamin Franklin now it is mostly because his picture is on the one hundred dollar bill. They may think of him vaguely as someone in the past that did some good “stuff” for the country.
Benjamin Franklin was an entrepreneur, scientist, diplomat, scholar, leader, author, and, literally, a mentor to the early development of the United States.
Countries need people like Franklin more than just at the beginning stages of their country, but all the time. Great minds and personalities, such as Franklin can grasp victory from the jaws of defeat for a country as few others can.
So where are the Benjamin Franklins of today? Where are the renaissance men and women who can work in many fields and develop great ideas and inventions to help not only their countries, but also humanity?
Who are the new Benjamin Franklins of Mongolia?
I am sure if a young Mongolian with a thirst for knowledge and a better life read a good biography of Franklin of saw a DVD about him like “An Extraordinary Life, An Electric Mind: Benjamin Franklin” by PBS, he or she might see that the world out there is not just a cynical place to complain about.
It is a place with nearly infinite promise for those who are willing to put in the effort and put up with the inevitable failures and hard-won victories along the way. Yes, Franklin had his failures, but his triumphs so overshadowed them that they are truly inconsequential in the big scheme of things.
People are what help a country develop. Extraordinary people help a country develop extraordinarily.

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