Mongolia’s demand for vegetable oil to be supplied domestically

Trans. by B.DULGUUN

Mind-Tech LLC opened Mongolia’s first fully automated, high capacity oil seed processing plant in Bayangol soum of Selenge Province last Friday, enabling Mongolia to fully meet domestic needs for vegetable oil.
The production of rapeseed oil, which the company says lowers cholesterol levels, has begun under the brand name “Orgikh”. The oil seed processing plant is equipped with German equipment and technology. It aims to process 100 tons of oil seed a day and manufacture 35 tons of vegetable oil. The plant also has the ambitious goal of enhancing its capacity to producing 400 tons of oil seed a day by next year.
Mind-Tech LLC, a sister company of Delta Holdings Co.,Ltd., has brought a new development that will increase the crop yield of Mongolia by administering a new substitute vegetation, by using its oil seed as the primary raw material for the new oil seed processing plant. The opportunity to boost profit and revenue has become available to farmers through cultivation of the new product.

The main products to be produced by the new plant include:

1. Rapeseed oil handed to consumers under the Orgikh brand name. Rapeseed, also known as “Olive of the North”, contains a large amounts of vitamins and essentials for the proper functioning of the body and doesn’t include indigestible substances.
2. Maliin Khuchit Tejeel (pungent livestockfodder), known as “Chocolate Fodder” among herders, is a product made out of rapeseed residue with high contents of protein (39 percent). The product is believed to be the solution for resolving protein shortages, an existing issue among livestock in Mongolia.
3. An environmentally-friendly bio diesel is being produced with the oil from Mind-Tech LLC. The bio diesel is helpful for reducing smoke pollution in Ulaanbaatar significantly and can prolong the durability of the engines of any vehicle used in mining, agriculture and other sectors.

Large farms used to import rapeseed residue from Russia and China until now. Since January 2015, farmers and feed manufacturers started using Maliin Khuchit Tejeel produced by Mind-Tech LLC. The company cooperated with animal feed researchers and professors at the Mongolian State University of Agriculture in conducting a study at dairy farms, and determined that the livestock fodder can double milk production.
The fodder also increases livestock fat and strength. A lamb born in spring weighs approximately 32 kg in autumn, when they are six to seven months old. Mind-Tech LLC says that their new fodder can fatten a lamb to up to 52 kg, allowing meat production without having to wait until after winter. Farmers and herders can work more efficiently with this fodder and livestock will fatten within a shorter period.
Herders involved in the study said that livestock fed with the product during the winter of 2014 and spring of 2015 didn’t lose any fat or strength, according to representatives of Mind-Tech LLC.
The oil seed processing plant provides permanent jobs for 60 people and seasonal jobs for 50 to 60 people in Bayangol soum in Selenge Province. The plant will increase state and provincial tax budgets and will be able to domestically provide the 30 million USD of vegetable oil imported annually. This will become a major improvement in the nation’s development as well as the economy, according to company officials.

Source: News.mn

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