J.Anunaran’s “Freewill” exhibition, her second solo endeavor, opened at Red Ger Art Gallery, located at Khan Bank’s central sub branch on May 25.
Anunaran graduated from the fine arts institute at Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture in 2009. She has participated in multiple joint exhibitions, and two solo exhibitions. Her first exhibition, “Don’t Be Afraid”, opened in 2011.
“Freewill” utilizes mixed media, using the reverse and unfinished surfaces of silk and cotton textiles. Her aspiration for these artworks came from an effort to reach and discover her inner self. She explains that she aims to make the viewer peek into their inner being and inner space with this exhibition, as we often forget to do so due to outside factors.
J.Anunaran said, “The colored and patterned side of textiles is our outer appearance… Just as the patterns are frequently repeated, people are immersed in one typical way of thinking. We see color just as color, and the back as just warp and woof, and that it can’t be color… But the back, being the surface… the back, the inner side, is my own color. This color is the liberation of my inner space.”
Like a good speaker appeals to an audience with words, Anunaran appeals to her audience through interactive work engaging audio, tactile, and spatial senses. The sounds created especially for this exhibition were created by artist Misheelt, along with mint-green capes with special embroidery circles. The capes welcome you to the gallery and transport you to another atmosphere away from the city’s buzz and the constant urban sprawl.
She felt the audio elements were vital to the process of the audience hearing and connecting to her work. “The capes catch interest and help concentrate only on the artworks, rather than what others are wearing or such” she adds. Her works are not hung in the conventional eye-level manner, but rather close to the ceiling, or closer to the ground way that further emphasizes the effects of floating or being down on earth.
The artist greeting and offering to explain her work, and sharing her feelings about them, felt like a fresh breath from the conventional way we ponder through galleries. In whole, “Freewill” was such a thoughtful and creative process that truly wanted to make the viewers feel something, to let them understand and grab something from the ideas being shared.
The exhibition will continue through June 7. You can support the artist by buying her pamphlet or her artwork.






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