Please don’t leave children locked at home

Trans. by B.DULGUUN

Every month, 15 children in Mongolia die because they don’t attend kindergartens and are left home without supervision, according to a Parliament member. This figure is too big for Mongolia’s relatively small population.
A family nearly lost a precious child on International Day for Families, on May 15. A passerby noticed a child sitting on a window alone at the fifth floor of Apartment No. 25 in 7th Khoroo of Bayangol District. The four-year-old boy had been locked inside his home with his younger sibling. Who knows what danger would’ve befallen to the crying boy sitting on the edge of the window with his legs swinging down. According to people who saw the events, they boy’s neighbors immediately made a report to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and held blankets and curtains beneath the child.
“Something awful almost happened. Last Friday, when I arrived in front of my apartment, a huge crowd had gathered and was shouting. When I looked up, a little boy was sitting on the edge of a window and crying. People who were there were panicking and shouting so the boy got scared and cried even louder. Some men spread a blanket and held it up and were telling the boy to not move,” reported a lady who resides in Apartment No.25.
Luckily, the boy was saved by a young man named B.Lhagvadorj who was visiting a household on the fourth floor, right under the boy’s apartment. B.Lhagvadorj, who was later confirmed to be the editor of Tokhilog Ger (Comfortable Home) Magazine, climbed up to the four-year-old’s home through the balcony, got into the house through a window and saved the boy.
“At the time, I only thought that I had to save the boy. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. When I held the boy and comforted him, he smelled just like my son. A child is a child after all,” he said.
B.Lhagvadorj said that he assumed that the people on the fifth floor were having a fight since a child was crying loudly. He then noticed a huge crowd gathered in front of the apartment and were shouting up so he looked up and saw the boy.
“I can only remember that the boy was screaming ‘Save me’ and had his legs out of the window,” he said.
Although a terrible accident had been averted this time thanks to the young man, every person, particularly parents, should take note of this incident. According to a survey, there are over 220,000 children who are of kindergarten age in Mongolia, and 35 percent of them, specifically some 70,000 children, do not attend kindergartens. Nobody knows how many of them are left at home unsupervised and locked. However, it is well-known that Mongolians leave their children or elders at home to look after the house. As mentioned before, 15 children die every month because they were left home without supervision. If we estimate the number of children dying because they do not attend kindergartens and are left unsupervised, over 150 precious lives are lost a year.
We can’t deny the possibility that some parants have no choice but to lock their child at home and leave for work. There are countless parents who go to work while having their relatives and close friends look after their child. As it is unclear and unimaginable when or where danger could be hidden, it’s most recommendable that parents at least have someone look after their child, instead of locking them home alone. As for the four-year-old boy of Apartment No.25, his father had left the child to retrieve something he had lent to his friend. A parent’s responsibility is to ensure the safety of their child at all times. There are many cases of an accidental action leading to something tragic that can never be reversed.

Some examples include:

1. February 29, 2012
A house with a ratio of 4×6 meters in the 9th Street of Zuun Tasgan of 8th Khoroo in Chingeltei District burned down on this day, taking away the lives of two children, aged five and seven. When the fire broke out, the two children couldn’t get out of the house because they were left with no guardian and were locked from the outside.

2. September 4, 2013
A ger in Bayangol Street of 5th Khoroo in Songinokhairkhan District was completely burnt down. A brother and sister aged three and six became the casualty of this fire.

3. March 1, 2015
On this day, three members of a family burned to death in Songinokhairkhan District. According to the Police Department, a four-year-old died with his two older sisters aged 19 and 26.

4. May 8, 2015
Three children who were locked at home in Murun Town in Khuvsgul Province became victims of a fire. The three children, aged two, six and 12, tried to escape by breaking the window but unfortunately, the window was secured with iron bars, leading them to die of carbon monoxide poisoning. The two youngest had tried to survive by going under their bed and covering themselves in many layers of blankets. These two children were in fact administered into a kindergarten, but they had taken a week off and stayed at home because kindergarten children were getting lice.

These are some examples of unfortunate fire incidents involving young children. It’s a great tragedy to let children die in unexpected accidents due to carelessness of parents. Parents should stop leaving their children, the joy and happiness of their household, locked at home without an adult. There’s no telling when something unexpected could happen.

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