Actress Ariunbolor Gansukh Performs in German Theatre


The following is an interview with an actress at the city of Frankfurt’s Theatre in Germany, known as Bolor Sharaa to Germans (Ariunbolor Gansukh in Mongolian). She took the lead role of a new performance dedicated to the Grimm Brothers. Ariunbolor Gansukh left for Germany with her parents when she was 10 years old and studied acting after graduating from secondary school (gymnasium). She also starred in the film ‘Frankfurt Coincidences’—which is about expats living in Frankfurt—and for this role won the ‘Best young actor of Germany’ award at the Munich Film festival and ‘Best female actress’ nomination at the Nuremberg Film Festival.

-This is such good news that you work as an actress and even performed the leading role at a German theatre. There aren’t any other Mongolian actors who have graduated as professional theatre actors in Germany and who have worked there, are there?
-There are some people who work in the field of films, but no theatre actors.
-What are the criteria for actors for the lead roles in the theatres in Germany?
-Actors in Germany don’t belong to any specific theatres. We go in and audition and work with contracts. Every city in Germany has theatres. I applied to the theatre which I was most interested in after I graduated. Young actors always send in their materials like this and the theatres choose from them and invite them to audition. I was invited to the Frankfurt Theatre for an audition. I performed three monologues and I also danced. I performed a monologue from Goethe’s play called ‘Faust’ from his classic works.
-What work did the Frankfurt Theatre perform for the year for the Grimm Brothers? What role did you play?
-During the year, a play was named after the Grimm Brothers who wrote many famous fairy tales. The Frankfurt theatre presented their tales set in a modern way. Each actor choses one character and played a part from the tale. I performed the character of a heartless princess. The king wanted his daughter to marry, so the princess agreed to wed, but only to a man who could answer her riddle. She beheads men who can’t. The princess eventually kills many men but gets tricked by one young man and ended up marrying him.
-An actress who performs the leading role in the theatre must have a good reputation, right?
-The actors who perform on a theatre stage are considered to be valued as skilled and talented. Stage actors rehearse for the plays for a very long time and also perform the play for a long time too. Some plays are performed for a whole year, three times a week. Hence, theatre actors and their hard work are appreciated highly and if invited to act in films, they get paid a high amount.
-You must speak perfect German since you performed the leading role at the German theatre, correct?
-I can speak in German almost better than in my Mongolian.
-What other languages can you speak in and perform in, in a play?
-Since it is my native language, I can perform a play in Mongolian if I rehearse very hard. I also think I am able to perform fine in English—when I fix my German accent. I actually don’t like to complain and say things are difficult.
-How was it to live in a foreign country far from your friends when you were a child?
-I went to Germany when I was in the third grade. I missed my family, especially my grandma, and my friends a lot then and I used to cry. I didn’t take any language courses before I started school in Germany, so it was very hard for me to learn German. I could hardly communicate with my classmates, but by only gestures and signs. I was able to learn to speak German well after a year, as I was playing with other children.
-Why did you go to live in Germany?
-My mother was studying at the time in Germany so my father and I left Mongolia to stay with her.
-Do you now want to become a popular actress in Germany?
-I started my career in Germany, so I want to improve my career and raise the name of Mongolia up high. Besides this, I want to keep in touch with other Mongolian artists. I have come to Mongolia after ten years. I went to Germany when I was 10 years old and only came back here once after about five years.
-The capital city has changed a lot since you were last here, hasn’t it?
-Everything has changed. In the past, I could easily go to my grandma’s in the 3rd District from the 1st District by bus. Now the buildings have become unrecognizable. There are many new buildings which have built between the old ones; I couldn’t tell where or what everything is.
-Have you fulfilled your purpose to meet other Mongolian actors?
-Yes. I went to see the actress Aaya (Sh.Altantsetseg) and the ‘Muruudliin theatre’ (Dream Theatre) on the day I came here. I watched their first performance and after had a very friendly meeting with the artists of the Dream Theatre. They said that they could give me a role but it was my first time to see them, so I didn’t want to perform yet. It is enough for me for the first time to meet and get to know them. The way German and Mongolian theatres are organized is different and I wanted to know about it.
-I heard that you were involved in the fashion industry in Germany too.
-I have worked as a photographic model since I was a student. I have mostly participated in beauty care product advertisements.
-Were you chosen because you’re Mongolian or because you have an Asian appearance?
-They only categorize Chinese, Mongolian and Korean models into one group, and models from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in another group. I don’t emphasize that I am Mongolian.
-The film ‘Frankfurt Coincidences’ is about a foreigner living in Frankfurt. You must have represented Asians in this film.
-Many different ethnicities and nationalities live in the city of Frankfurt city just like in New York City. There are many difficulties to encounter for those who live in one place. This film shows these problems. Parts of the film are based on the life of a prostitute from Thailand. I played her role. The film was awarded the People’s Choice Award at the Munich Film Festival.
-How difficult is it to study at a university in Germany? Many Mongolians used to work as au pairs in Germany and study there.
-It you have the capability and can pass the exams, anyone is able to study in Germany. The universities didn’t have any fees before. Now students are required to pay semester fees. But they have to work for 90 hours a week. I used to perform in advertisements and music videos to pay my tuition fees.
-Did you ever perform in any videos for famous singers or bands?
-I performed the main role for a music video for the ‘Disco Boys’ band. I won a dance competition when I was 15 and was included in the dance group. I have danced in many famous singers’ concerts. Later, I taught dancing to small children.
-Was it your childhood dream to become an actress?
-My parents say that I used to talk about becoming an actress when I was only three years old. They didn’t discourage me when I entered acting school, but said: “How about becoming a journalist since you’re good at speaking?” I never get bored no matter how many times I watch the movie ‘Mandukhai Tsetsen Khatan’ (Queen Mandukhai the Wise). I respect actress N.Suvd who showed us an unforgettable and remarkable performance. I also admire the singers B.Sarantuya, Ariunaa and the band ‘Hurd.”
-Have you worked with other Mongolian artists who have worked in the arts film scene in Germany?
-I never worked with any, but I know of some people, such as the cameraman Aagii. I recently met a lady named Od, who works as a producer. There are also many folk arts groups in Germany. We see each other at events covering Mongolians.

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