Open discussions held on draft law combating domestic violence


The Civil Hall of the Office of the President held an open discussion on Monday on the draft law to combat domestic violence, attended by representatives of the justice system, organizations working on human rights and domestic violence issues, as well as members of women’s NGOs to share their views.
President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj announced at a meeting with representatives of women’s NGOs on International Women’s Day, March 8, that he would be submitting a draft law to combat domestic violence to the Parliament and it would be discussed in the spring parliamentary session.
Opening the discussion, Human Rights and Legal Policy Advisor to the President of Mongolia Ch.Unurbayar said, “Any draft law, initiated by the President is discussed at the Civil Hall with the participation of civic representatives and staff of organizations related to the issue prior to submission to Parliament for further discussion. The President promised on March 8, 2015, to submit a draft law against domestic violence in the near future. The Office of the President worked on the draft bill for the last two years, in cooperation with the Justice Ministry.”
Afterwards, senior specialist of the Legal Innovation Policy at the Justice Ministry G.Oyunbold introduced the draft law. He said, “The measures to combat domestic violence have been legalized and in force for the 11th year. The administrative law includes a part about ‘hooliganism’. Around 70,000 cases of violence are resolved under that law annually. Some of them take place within families. A person who is violent and intoxicated is detained. However, the violence continues when they are released from jail. According to the current system, such violence occurring in the home should be resolved under administrative law, not the law to combat domestic violence.
“Some 23,000 to 26,000 cases of violence have been recorded in the last decade, making the crime rate look stable. However, domestic violence is hidden behind the term ‘administrative conflict’. Domestic violence leads to murder and the loss of human lives. Approximately 300 people are murdered by someone’s hands annually in Mongolia. Most of the incidents were committed in the home, due to the progression of domestic violence. We should prevent this. The draft law to combat domestic violence should be renewed and modified with new, fresh views and policies.
“Domestic violence is considered a crime all around the world. It is time to renew the law. We should conduct training on preventing domestic violence. Many countries run training on anger management. This can be implemented through NGOs. The draft law on domestic violence is not a family law, it is focused on regulating relations between people who commit family violence and people who are exposed to domestic abuse and violence.”
Stating that laws to combat domestic violence were not well coordinated with other laws previously, and that violent cases were resolved in accordance with civil procedure in a violation of human rights, G.Oyunbold added that in compliance with the new law, serious crimes related to domestic violence will be considered a criminal offense.
According to Director of the National Center Against Violence D.Enkhjargal, a person living with domestic violence is inflicted with physical injuries and suffers mentally, as well as having to spend over 400,000 MNT for forensics and other services. One out of five divorces in Mongolia is related to domestic violence. Annually, around 20 people are killed by domestic violence in Mongolia. As of today, 38 women are serving terms in jail, because they killed in self-defense as a victim of domestic violence.

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