Vinyl record store opens in Ulaanbaatar


Dund Gol vinyl record store, which has over 1,000 vinyl records by world famous artists, bands, and composers, opened at the Children’s Book Palace of Mongolia on March 18.

Owner of the store, B.Batbold, has been collecting vinyl record since 2007. Over 2,000 records are in his collection currently.

Below is a brief interview with B.Batbold.

Why did you decide to open a vinyl record store? Why did you start collecting vinyl records?

I am an artist. I released a hip-hop music vinyl record with a Japanese artist in 2007. Since then, I started collecting vinyl records.

What is the reason for creating access to your collection?

I do not display rare, unique, or the most expensive records at the store. I like jazz music. I also keep my jazz vinyl records for myself. People are becoming more interested in vinyl records, like in the past. Western artists are releasing vinyl records instead of CDs. I don’t want to keep all my vinyl records. I want to spread vinyl records to people who collect vinyl records. That’s why I opened the store.

Collecting 2,000 vinyl records that are rare in modern days must have required a good amount of investment, passion and hard work. How do you expand your collection?

I got some from my friends, relatives, and some strangers who have vinyl records but didn’t have record players.

What is the most expensive vinyl record in your store?

The average prize is 50,000 MNT. Unique records are a bit more expensive. Old and used records are cheap. The most expensive record is by the Mongolian modern music band Soyol-Erdene and a record by Bayanmongol, which was recorded by a Russian company named “Melody” in 1970. Vinyl record collectors around the world are interested in these two records because they are very rare.

Will you expand your store?

Yes, for sure. I will sell more new vinyl records, record players, and related tools in the future. The oldest records in my store are from the 1930 and 1940s, and the newest was recorded in 2007.

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