‘Mongolian Imagery’


State Honored Artist Ts.Tsegmed opened his solo exhibition “Mongolian Imagery” at 976 Art Gallery, on March 4.
He depicted things common in the countryside, such as the Mongolian ger, camels, horses, and carts, with a free imagination, symbolism, signs, color, and pattern.
The titles of his artworks were unusual. The titles were Mongolian names. Ts.Tsegmed said, “Director of 976 Art Gallery B.Gantuya asked me to paint artworks for Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian national holiday, and release an exhibition. The artworks displayed in the exhibition were created in 2015. I couldn’t give my own titles to the artworks because someone ordered me to paint them. Then I decided to let the sky decide their titles. I made a book including Tibetan names, which have deep meaning. I blew on the book and asked it to show me the appropriate names for the artworks, chosen by God. Then I gave each piece the name that appeared.”
Most of his artworks feature camels instead of horses. Artist Ts.Tsegmed was born and raised in the Gobi region, where there are many camels. He formed strong associations with camels in his childhood.
The exhibition will continue at 976 Art Gallery until March 30.

A brief biography of Ts.Tsegmed

1974 to 1978 College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1979 to 1985 Surikov Art Institute, Moscow, Russia
1987 to 1988 Graduated as a teacher of painting, State Pedagogical University, Ulaanbaatar
1995 Graduated New English Cambridge Course of Lydia Mission Training College, London, UK

Work Experience:
1985 to 1989 Teacher, College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1989 to 1991 Principal, College Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1991 to 1995 Rector, College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1995 to 1998 President, University of Arts and Culture, Ulaanbaatar
Since 1998 Freelance artist
2001 President of Mogoon Mori-Ulemj Urlahui
General Director of Mongolian Painting and Artists’ Association

Since 1986 Work shown in UMA exhibitions in Mongolia and abroad, including Yugoslavia (1986), Austria (1988, 1992), Norway (1990), France (1993, 1994), USA (2000)
1989 and 1994 Fukuoka Art Show, Japan
1989 Solo show, Ulaanbaatar
1995 to 1998 Group exhibition of Korean-Mongolian artists, Ulaanbaatar
1995 Solo show, Ulaanbaatar
1996 International Ice Sculpture Festival, Italy
1996 “Aqua Asia”, Osaka, Japan
1998 Solo show, Orem, Utah, USA
1999 Solo show, Istanbul, Turkey
1999 “Ulaanbaatar 360 Anniversary”, Ulaanbaatar
2000 “Lodge Nomad” solo exhibition, Exhibition Centre, Ulaanbaatar
2000 and 2001 “Wind of Steppe-2000”
2000 “Color of Mongolia” New York, San Francisco, USA
2001 “Khatan Erdene”, Ulaanbaatar
2001 “Nomad-2001”, “Nomading Color” Ulaanbaatar
2002 “Color of Gobi” solo show, Orem, Utah, USA
2002 “Nomad” solo exhibition, Ulaanbaatar
2002 “Contemporary Art 2000”, Paris, France
2002 “Tamga”, Regen, France
2002 “Lacvert”, Ulaanbaatar
2003 “Modern paintings of Mongolia”, Tokyo, Japan

1992 UMA prize
1993 Leading Art Worker, Ministry of Culture
1993 Silver Belt prize, Oron Zai Art Association
1996 State Prize of Mongolia

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