L.Terbish: This year will be a wonderful year without any drought

Trans. by B.DULGUUN

The following is an interview about the Year of the “Mad” Sheep with State Honored Scientist, academic of the Mongolian Academy of Science, ScD, Ph.D. and astrologist Uriankhai L.Terbish.
L.Terbish is a famous astrologist studying Mongolian astronomy in combination with present-day scientific research. His annual calendar book, Tugs Buyant, is highly demanded by Mongolians as it’s believed to be the most accurate.

 What is the forecast for the Year of “Mad” Sheep?

According to the new Tugs Buyant astrology book, the forecast for the Year of the Wooden Sheep, also titled “mad”, says that it’s likely for abdominal diseases to spread widely as the three emotional poisons of lust, hatred and ignorance have become stronger. People should try to harbor and think of more positive causes.
According to the “Earth Cow” characteristics, the start of the years, as well as the beginning of every season, will be windy, but the midyear will be rich in crops and grass. The end of the year will have plentiful precipitation so the whole year will not have any drought or severe weather conditions.
This year, precipitation will fall exactly on time, merchants will prosper and be supported by the ancestors, and everything will straighten out when the sun appears in Aquarius, Aries, Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn. When the sun appears in Pisces, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, the difference between good and bad will become weaker. Thus, it’s advisable for people to pay extra attention to their work and be careful of any illnesses. When in Gemini, it’s most likely for strong wind and storm, and various difficulties to arise so it’s best to be cautious.

The 12 year cycle is divided into hard and soft years. The Year of Sheep is a soft year, but doesn’t defining it “mad” indicate that it’ll be a hard year? Why was this year labeled “mad”?

The 12 years are divided into hard and soft, female and male, and arga (method) and bilig (wisdom). The Year of Sheep is soft, female and bilig year. Every year has their own unique titles which define the characteristics and features of the year. The year of Wooden Sheep has been titled as “mad” because it’s highly possible for people to fanaticize and show crazy behavior. Everyone should stay aware of their actions and consider its values. The label “mad” indicates that heartfelt emotions and sincerity will be emphasized, and also gives clues about the temperament and trait of this year.

In the coming year, what precautions should all Mongolians take?

Everyone should exercise mind control and prioritize being harmonious.

The Year of Sheep is incompatible with people born in the Year of the Ox. Will this year be difficult for those born in the Year of the Ox? How can it be fixed?

In astrology, one of the positive and negative indications is “Untsug doloo” (literally: seven angles). Whichever side you count from, the seventh year becomes that specific year’s incompatible year. Since it’s already decided like this way, people born in the Year of the Ox should refrain from various unnecessary actions and remain sensible. According to common practice, people born in the Year of the Ox should get Janaggagdog sutra read by monks.

It’s said that the public will be peaceful if the government is peaceful. What does your predictions for this year say about the fate of Mongolia? Will the economic crisis and shortage of money issues get worse?

It’s possible to predict the fate of the state. However, previous practitioners and wise men have spoken that this type of prediction is made at the request of the nation’s leader and these leaders have to inform the prediction and forecast to the public for it is consistent to the principles of the state. People other than the nation’s leader can’t request this type of forecast. Nevertheless, they can pray to the State Seal so that the nation and people are peaceful and content.

Tsagaan Sar is a traditional celebration celebrated for many generations. Many Mongolians seem to dislike this celebration that is intended to respect and greet elders because family reunions cost very high. Can you explain the essence of Tsagaan Sar to the younger generations?

The essence of Tsagaan Sar is the cleansing of and purity of the mind. It’s most important to rejoice all good things and events. Not only Tsagaan Sar, but every celebration and cultural dates shouldn’t be used to show off one’s material goods and assets. It’s most appropriate if Tsagaan Sar is celebrated to respect and please elders, parents and teachers whom we’re thankful for, and make adorable little children happy. The fact that some people try to make Tsagaan Sar grand and excessively complicated may be a bad decision that could disgrace this great and meaningful celebration. This is causing people to think that Tsagaan Sar is burdensome and costly, making them despise the celebration.

At one time, every Mongolian used to read and follow your astrology book. Lately, numerous astrologists have started publishing their own books and predictions. Even though your book for this year hasn’t been published, quite a few people are using your name to do business. Can you comment on this?

The previous Mongolian calendar was officially banned in the beginning of the 1930s and the tradition of making calendars was nearly severed because it was considered inconsistent with the Communist Party and government ideals. I redeveloped the calendar to provide for the needs of many readers during socialism, which was seen as “outdated”. For over twenty year, I had the new Mongolian astrology book, Tugs Buyant, published. This inspired many young people to create their own calendars. Some monestaries also began publishing calendars. Wise young brothers publishing calendars should notice that they’re making a few mistakes when calculating the date and the planetary movement of the sun and planets.
I believe that correcting mistakes and inaccuracies is most helpful to the public. I’m satisfied that I negotiated with President of Tavan Bogd Group Ts.Baatarsaikhan and became able to supply the demands of many with high quality calendars after giving my author’s right to a highly capable printing company named Ulaanbaatar Print to have them publish my calendar. Whenever people compliment that my calendar came out well and the quality is good, I express my gratitude to the printing company. The company strictly prohibits publishing advertisement of alcohol, tobacco and pornography. The company is also responsible for the printing, sales and distribution and profits from it, but also gives me a small share of the profit even though I’ve transferred the copyright of my analytical work.
Once again, Ulaanbaatar Print is printing and distributing my calendar according to our agreements. I’m thankful to the company as it controls everything connected to author’s rights and takes adequate liability with violators.
I believe that most Mongolians follow my calendar because it’s created with an accurate method. I heard that people in remote areas commonly use and follow my calendar.

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