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It is a great pleasure to introduce a lady who works in many different fields and has a broad scope of knowledge. L.Myangantsetseg is a painter, sculptor, broadcaster and a volunteer worker.
This time, we conducted an interview in a different style. She spoke freely about her art and methods that she uses to give us a glimpse into her own world.


My name is L.Myangantsetseg. I was born in Ulaanbaatar as the youngest of my family. My mother influenced me a lot in of becoming an artist. I loved to paint since I was a little girl. When I was eight, I drew White Tara on a small paper and that became the reason that I chose to become an artist. I graduated from the Ireedui Complex with a major in Mongolian art. I love to live in the world that I imagined in my heart, and maybe that’s why I am a very romantic person. The creation of this inner world in me was the result of my education I obtained at school. I like to write down everything that happened in that world in a poem and as a mini absurdist essay.

Professional craftswoman

I graduated from the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture with a major in fine arts and then I did my master’s in art studies. So I am a professional artist and a craftswoman. I try to create my artistic pieces, including the Mongolian philosophy and craft, because I see myself as a person who is carrying and sharing the heritage of the great Mongolian craft. That’s why I use one of Mongolia’s finest designs “Dariganga” in my creations.
Craftswomen are very rare in Mongolia. In some cases, the working conditions of the field are hard for women, however I love it. The Dariganga design, which is my main inspiration, is registered in UNESCO as a cultural inheritance that must be protected urgently.
My creations exist as the only one of its kind in the whole world. That’s where the value exists. I created silver cups for my parents. It is not easy for craftsmen to hold their own exhibition. Maybe it can happen after they become a billionaire someday.

Craftswoman and writer

I have a desire to develop myself in as many fields as I can. People can find me online by searching for “Od khan”. Besides painting and crafting, I love to write absurdist pieces and poems.
People can’t go back to the place they came from, which is the mother’s womb. In that way, the real universe and the human soul is very cold and harsh. Once we are born in the universe, we never have time to be alone. Our bodies may stay alone but there is always someone who is tied to the soul. Being alone is the only way to speak to yourself and that’s why we don’t have to be afraid of it. A naked body without any clothes and a naked soul and a heart are the things I love to talk and write about.
I draw inspiration for my poems, sculptures and ultimately my performance from the love, men, and the many nights of passion in the world that drives women, as well as the beauty of a women’s body and her long flowing hair.

Cultivation of experience at youth

I worked as a craftswoman in Urjin Hajod Lin monastery from 2004-2006. In 2005, I worked with a team to make a box where the original piece of the Secret History of Mongols will be kept. Also, I contributed my role in many works such as creating Mongol Khaan Stamp.
I worked as a fine arts expert and curator, as well as a craftswoman at a vase museum in Hohhot, China. I was the director of the Art Center from 2010-2011 and contributed my role in founding “D park” for young artists.

Exhibition in March

When I was in high school, I presented several solo exhibitions, such as “God Megzem”, “For mothers” and “Migration”. I participated in many joint exhibitions, and in 2010 and 2013, I won an award called “Altan Biir” (Golden Brush). In 2011, my painting was named “The masterpiece of the year” by the National Art Gallery. Previously when I got the award “Altan Biir”, the art studio where I am sitting now, was given to me with the award. For an artist, their art studio is very important and I am very thankful for the gift they gave me. At the moment I am looking forward to presenting my exhibition in March.

Source: Unuudur

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