Deel prices raised by 150,000 MNT at Misheel Expo

Trans. by Z.TSELMEG

Tsagaan Sar begins on Feb 18, the first day of the Lunar New Year. Mongolians are busy with preparations for serving fat-tailed lamb, steamed dumplings, and food and dairy products for Tsagaan Sar.
Every year, primary producers organize an exhibition to showcase domestically made products and sell them. Producers and retailers earn high profits during these national expos. Many advertisements for domestic products include the slogan “Let’s buy goods made in Mongolia” and appear in newspaper pages and on television for public appeal. Consumers are interested in modern clothes and accessories in harmony with tradition offered at low costs during national holidays. But producers put their profit before their customer’s interest. It leads to a large burden for the consumer.
Domestic product exhibitions for Tsagaan Sar have opened in a number of locations this week. One of those is Misheel Expo. People were selling different kinds of dairy products at the open air market of Misheel Expo when we arrived. Inside, the center was crowded. Multicolored deel (national costume), food, various leather apparel, and wool and cashmere textiles were laid on slabs from outdoors. All these domestic producers were congregated to promote their brands. Some bad, fragile and unappealing products were presented under the name of “national brands”.
Customers are unsatisfied about some brands’ poor quality and overpricing. For instance, the price for a deel is 150 to 350 thousand MNT at Dunjingarav and Narantuul market. But at Misheel Expo, the price was raised to 250 to 500 thousand MNT. Deel for children were being sold for 150 to 300 thousand MNT, reflecting an increase of 100 to 150 thousand MNT. Cotton deel for children were sold for 45 to 60 thousand MNT. I suspect that these producers covered up original sticker prices under new prices for this “Super Sale”.
Blissfully, food product prices were stable, among them meat,compared to clothes. The prices of fried breads for ceremonial food were 2,300 to 2,600 MNT, an affordable price compared to previous years.

Source: Uls Turiin Toim

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