Ulaanbaatar hospitals end up as office buildings


There are two buildings in the city center that are fully able to serve for more than 100,000 people and over 30,000 specialized state workers. Sadly, these buildings haven’t run its main activities since its construction five years ago.
Originally, the building was planned to be a polyclinic hospital dedicated for specialized state workers, but it is currently being used as an office building.
The final use and purpose of the building was to be finalized by the government in 2014, yet no particular meetings and announcements were made last year.
If the new polyclinic hospital started its activity, it would have brought numerous benefit, since lack of schools, kindergartens and hospitals in the city is a pressing issue. At least, a hospital with a capacity of 100,000 people will help ease overcrowded state hospitals and would have been more accessible to city residents.
The construction of the hospital was previously halted for five years due to various political reasons and insufficient funds. According to the government decree of December 3 of 2012, the construction work of the building was at 80 percent completion and was equipped with special medical facilities. Unfortunately, the purpose of the building was changed to be used as an office building for legal organization and police departments.
Hospital employees were against this decision and held a strike last year. They claimed that a 3.5 MNT MRI scanner, which has been placed inside the building, has been damaged because it was moved from the building designated for hospital use. Hospital experts said that over 100 million MNT will be needed to repair the equipment. The construction of B block of the building was completed last June, at the cost of 600,000 million MNT. The construction of A block has been delayed for two years due to financial issues.
Minister of Justice D.Dorligjav recently formed a team to study whether it is possible to use the building for hospital purposes.
There many people who still want the building to be used as a hospital. Since 600,000 million MNT was spend on the construction of an office building, at least the same amount of money will be needed for building a hospital. Moreover 100 million MNT is needed to repair the broken MRI scanner.
The working team that was organized by Minister of Justice D.Dorligjav started their activity in December 20, 2014. They were to report their finding within five days of the research but so far no announcement or resolution were made about the use of the building.
Is it possible to use the building as a state hospital, Minister?

Source: Zuunii Medee

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