Mongolian population officially reaches three million


Mongolia embraced its three millionth citizen on January 24, born in Umnugovi Province, 27 years after registering the nation’s two millionth citizen.
The baby who claims the update to the official population of Mongolia is a girl, and her parents are permanent residents of Umnugovi Province’s Dalanzadgad soum. The baby’s father is E.Khatanbold and the mother is G.Azzaya, and are both 22 years old. The girl is their first child.
The President of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj, received the report about the birth of the three millionth citizen shortly after he landed in Ulaanbaatar upon his return from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and called the parents to congratulate them on the phone. The President bestowed the baby girl with the name Mongoljin, at the request of her parents.

Grants for the first three millionth citizens

The three millionth citizen will be granted 70 million MNT (the estimated value of a two-room apartment), while 181 more Mongolian children who were born on the same day as Mongoljin will receive a one-time cash allowance, according to a government ordinance. Three of the 181 babies registered were born abroad.
The President will shortly hand over his personal gifts – bells for baby boots – to Mongoljin and the 181 babies. The bells have depictions of Gua Maral (Fallow Doe) and Burte Chono (Blue-grey Wolf) on the sides. Images from a painting by State Merit Cultural Laureate P.Tsegmid, which includes designs used during the era of the Huns, were used for the bells.

How was the three millionth citizen selected?

The population of Mongolia reached 2,995,949 on January 5, 2015, and each birth registered nationwide between January 19 and 26 was reported to the Statistical Office, according to the time of birth.
The nationwide mortality rate was also closely followed in order to concisely determine the three millionth citizen. The registration showed that one person dies every 32 minutes and 12 seconds in Mongolia, said S.Mendsaikhan, Chief of the National Statistical Office.
A working group on determining the identity of the three millionth citizen determined that the baby would be born on January 24, and registrations collected from abroad and from 21 provinces showed that the 73rd birth of the day would be that of the three millionth citizen.

Population growth projections

A gap of 26 to 27 years between the registration of another million citizens shows that our population growth is quite slow, said S.Mendsaikhan.
An all-time high number of births in Mongolia was registered in 1988, with 73,000 babies born. The children born then are now of reproductive age. However, researchers say that the birth rate decreased between 1990 and 2000 due to the transition to a free market, which means the number of women giving birth from now on will also decrease. Our nation’s population could reach four million faster if the government pays special attention to implementing policy supporting population growth.

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  1. Congratulations to the father E.Khatanbold and the mother G.Azzaya, who brought on this world the little baby girl Mongoljin, who happens to be also the three millionth citizen of modern Mongolia. May she live to reach a hundred years old!

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