Ts.Namuun: my aspiration to the arts hasn’t stopped


 Mongolian girl band Kiwi is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. The following is a brief interview with member of Kiwi, Ts.Namuun.

We heard that you recently made your acting debut?

It was not easy to play in a film, but I liked it. I worked with lots of experienced artists.

 What was your role?

I want to keep it a secret. People have to watch the film. I think they will be shocked.

 The leader of Kiwi, Uka, gave birth recently. Did you share your friend’s joy?

A child brings happiness and joy to life. We were all happy when she gave birth. The baby is very cute.

The ladies of Kiwi are paying more attention to their personal lives now. You may become a mother next?

Every woman is destined to become a mother. I also have my dream life. I will have a wonderful family and start paying attention to my personal life. If God gives me a child, I will definitely accept.

 Kiwi is one of the most successful bands in Mongolian music history. What is the secret of this success?

We aimed to show three different faces when established our band. That’s why we became famous quickly. But it is not only that we attracted people with our appearances, we worked hard. We are still releasing songs.

 You entered the arts world before Kiwi was established. We heard that you are a professional pianist?

I tasted art when I was six. I entered the Music and Dance College because of my grandfather. I was always with my grandfather in my childhood. After that, I studied at the State University of Arts and Culture. I didn’t take a break from arts. Art is my life.

 Do you work as a pianist now?

I didn’t let go of my dream. I want to make use of my profession. Close friends and relatives always tell me not to give up the piano. I will do some piano related pieces, but I don’t know when.

 You also studied at Mongol Model modeling agency. Would you have become a model if you weren’t a singer?

Every girl dreams of becoming a model and a beauty quen when they are little; so did I. I entered the modeling world under the training of top model D.Bolormaa. But my aspiration for the arts didn’t stop. My childhood dream was to become a dancer, pianist, singer, and a model. I was blessed with those four things. I am very fortunate.

 Fans of Kiwi are always inspired by your distinct styles. Is it hard to be stylish every day?

It is very difficult to wear high heels and dresses all the time. We wear those for concerts, not every day. I usually wear comfortable clothes; I like jeans.

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