Mongolia braces for the arrival of its three millionth citizen


Mongolia is eagerly awaiting its three millionth citizen.
A worried looking man asks a nurse repeatedly whether his wife gave birth, outside a registration window at the Maternity Hospital. Another man standing by him asks whether it’s his first child, and tells him to think positively and he might just become the father of Mongolia’s three millionth citizen.
The National Statistical Office announced that the three millionth citizen of Mongolia will be born between January 21 and 26. It isn’t yet clear exactly when the child will be born, but officials assure us that it will be announced swiftly after the birth. A reporting team has been assigned to the State Maternity Hospital No.2 to await the birth of the three millionth citizen of Mongolia.
At the hospital, the nurse at reception was giving some advice to families and women who were awaiting the birth of their children. Some women were even crying with labor pains, while some people were calling their families and friends to share their news gleefully.
“Registration programs were installed on January 18 at all maternity hospitals, including four private hospitals. We are informing the National Statistical Office every twelve hours to notify them about women who gave birth. We set the clocks according to the Agency of Standardization and Meteorology and some rooms are equipped with cameras. When a woman gives birth, we will announce the time of birth audibly and all these processes will be recorded on camera. The three millionth citizen will be made clear only after the National Statistical Office collects all the information and data of birth registrations in Ulaanbaatar, rural areas, and abroad, as well as the information of people who passed away. The official announcement of the birth of the three millionth citizen will be made three or four days after the child’s birth,” said statistics specialist at State Maternity Hospital No.2 R.Lkhagvasuren.
Employees of maternity hospitals must register the name, address, date, and precise time of birth. The electronic clocks that they use daily, have been deemed too inconsistent, so the Agency of Standardization and Meteorology reminded maternity hospitals to use an astronomical clock to register the three millionth citizen. By visiting the website time.icttime.mn, hospital staff can activate the astronomical clock on their computers and electronic clocks. State Maternity Hospital No.2 set up astronomical clocks all around their hospital.
The government promised 70 million MNT to the three millionth citizen of Mongolia, and 250 children born on the same day will receive three million MNT. Accordingly, women who are expected to deliver this month all hope to give birth to the three millionth citizen of Mongolia.
A mother who recently gave birth said that she and other pregnant women have been under pressure by family members and friends to give birth to the three millionth citizen and make history, in relation to the monetary reward.
“To give birth to Mongolia’s three millionth citizen is, of course, a historic occasion and every woman wants it. But it is a natural thing. Some people see it as a way to make money and receive grants from the state. But when women start to feel labor pain, it won’t matter that much. In my case, I just want to give birth immediately,” said a woman who lives in Songinokhairkhan District’s 30th khoroo.
G.Gerelmaa, who gave birth three days ago, said, “When I was in my fourth month of pregnancy, I heard about the three millionth citizen. Some families were even planning for that. I was thinking of becoming the mother of the three millionth citizen, however, I gave birth to my daughter three days ago. The three millionth citizen might have been born earlier. Maybe authorities are waiting to give the money to their relatives. We really don’t know.”
Rumors that the birth rate has increased since the announcement of the three millionth citizen awards, or  that pregnant women are undergoing surgery to be written in history  are all false, said  R.Lkhagvasuren at State Maternity Hospital No.2.

Source: Undesnii Shuudan

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