B.Amarsaikhan: I specifically wore deel to promote Mongolian traditional clothing

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 The following is an interview with B.Amarsaikhan, the first Mongolian actor to set foot into Hollywood by starring in the 90 million USD drama series “Marco Polo”.

He signed a contract with Netflix Inc. for the role of Arig Bukh in the current drama series created by John Fusco, “Marco Polo”. Netflix is an American provider of on-demand streaming media available to viewers in North and South America, the Caribbean, and parts of Europe.

 Congratulations on becoming the first Mongolian actor to enter Hollywood. How was the premier of “Marco Polo”?

The premier of the original series “Marco Polo” took place in New York, on December 2. Actors from many different countries gathered on the red carpet and attended a huge party in the evening after the premier.

The red carpet is focused on photographing stars. Photographers ask you to look here and there and make different poses. I felt as if I had become a model. You often see actors and entertainers talking about their outfit on the red carpet. It can be said that this event has become a large custom or tradition.

How is the red carpet of Mongolia different from Hollywood’s?

In Mongolia, people can walk on the red carpet and enter a building straight away. In Hollywood, you get specific directions on where to pose and get photographed. Sometimes, I had to pose alone and sometimes, with my wife. At the premier, only the author and director stood on the stage while actors sat down. In Mongolia, everyone has to stand on the stage.

There were many aspects that should be focused on in the future. The Executive Director of Netflix Inc. took photos individually with the actors.

After the premier, I went to Los Angeles to meet and report on my work to my agency.

 Can you tell us about your agency? How did you get connected to the agency?

My agency is called UNEW, an abbreviation of United Nations East West. The agency helps actors from Asia step into Europe and Hollywood, and vice versa. Many entertainers from South Korea and China were introduced to Hollywood by UNEW, such as Lee Byung Hun (G.I. Joe series). I devoted an immense amount of time and effort to connect with this agency. Actors from all around the world try to enter this large organization. I did everything I could to get their attention. After drawing up an acting contract, the agency recommended the “Marco Polo” series.

UNEW worked hard to get me Arig Bukh’s role and I had to travel back and forth to Malaysia for four months to pass several auditions. It may seem like a simple audition from the outside, but it’s actually a fierce competition full of rivalry.

After hearing that I got the role, the agency celebrated in Los Angeles while I celebrated in Mongolia. A few weeks ago, the agency congratulated me on successfully performing in the role and I made an official report of my work.

On the red carpet, you wore a traditional Mongolian deel. Who did you consult about your outfit and why did you choose that specific outfit?

Besides including actors from over 30 countries, the series is about the history of Mongolia. It was only right that I wore a traditional deel and my Mongolian agency, Amin Shiidel PR, recommended I do so. Considerable consideration, effort, and participation from many people lies behind my appearance on the red carpet.  I wanted to promote Mongolian deel and the best Mongolian brand by wearing a deel made of cashmere from Gobi Cashmere, a hat from Burkh, shoes from Best Shoes, and accessories from Mongol Costumes. The outfit I wore at the evening reception was prepared by B.Bayarmaa from Monsonics. She is a talented designer, globally recognized for her Bayarmaa Brand. Gobi Cashmere designer E.Battsetseg, who designed our deels, was named the best designer at the Goyol Fashion Show in Mongolia. A Mongolian model working in the USA as a stylist, S.Ijiltsetseg, worked as our stylist.

Many Mongolians living in the USA welcomed us at the airport, including President of the Mongolian Democratic Socialist Youth Association L.Oyun-Erdene and designer Nomin. I was warmly received by Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the U.N. O.Och and his spouse J.Tsolmon; as well as S.Aruinaa, working at one of the largest museums of the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They all attended the premier. Everyone gave a lot of attention to my participation on the red carpet and supported me considerably so that I could prove that Mongolia is as great as any other country.

Of the many actors from different countries, did anyone else wear traditional clothing? Deel wasn’t very interesting to fellow actors since they’re wearing them in the series, right?

My wife and I were the only ones wearing traditional clothing. Fellow actors must’ve been fascinated to see modern designs of the Mongolian deel they’ve been wearing during filming. I would’ve probably worn a suit if I played in an action or adventure film. As it is a series about the history of Mongolia, I felt wearing deel was the best choice.

 Is it true that your introduction at the premier was more special than other actors’? How are premiers for a drama series different from film premiers?

Actors were introduced by their roles. When they introduced me, they said they were very happy to introduce me and that I was Amaraa, an actor from Mongolia. Mongolians who were present mentioned that my introduction was special, but it’s probably because it was a series about Mongolia.

As for the premier, just like a film premier, the first two episodes of the series was shown in the cinema.

Most foreign historic films about Mongolia have received criticism. Do you think “Marco Polo” will also receive negative comments?

Everything depends on how the artist wants to portray their work. I don’t know how this film will continue. I know for a fact that John Fusco wrote his script after doing detailed research. Sometimes, I complained that some events and costumes weren’t accurate, but he said that he’s portraying how Marco Polo saw Mongolia and the rulers. So, the series will be filmed in that manner.

The series is an artistic and commercial script, so there will be some exaggerations and imaginative aspects. I can see that John Fusco did a lot of research for some of the scenes. For instance, he noticed that Mongolians communicates and expresses their agreement or disagreement through words like “thh”, “hnn”, and “mmm”. He tried to portrayy this in the series. I think “Marco Polo” will be different from other films, since it was created by a person who did heavy research.

Watching the first few episodes, the Mongolian music, costumes, headgear, and other accessories seem very accurate. Was there a Mongolian advisor for the series?

The president of a travel company, Byambaa, worked as a cultural advisor. John Fusco met him many years ago during his trip to Mongolia. Fusco focuses on portraying Mongolia’s traditions and customs properly. He even dedicates a day of the week as “Mongolian Day” for introducing necessary information about Mongolia to actors. No wonder the series is different from other films.

 Do actors researching their roles ask you about Mongolia?

Of course. During my stay there, I tried to teach even the littlest details to as many people as possible, starting from how to properly sit in gers, how to play Mongolian traditional games with anklebones. I helped with the pronunciation of words that weren’t translated to foreign languages, such as airag and borts. Foreigners pronounce Chinggis Khaan as Jinghis or Genghis, but in the film it will be pronounced properly as “Chinggis”. This is all because a Mongolian actor starred in the series. It was awkward at first, but later, the crew got closer and they started inquiring about small things.

You are only in the first two episodes. Don’t you think your role ended too soon?

The first antagonist in the series is the enemy of Khubilai, Arig Bukh. Script writers also said that Arig Bukh’s role ended too soon and wanted to find ways to bring him out again. They even talked about making him appear in Khubilai’s nightmare. I don’t know how the script will continue. Currently, the script for the third season has been completed.


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