Meeting in China stresses road development

Trans. by D.SERGELEN

A dialogue between Mongolia and China concluded last week in Beijing, China to underscore effective cooperation.
Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Mongolia a few months ago and developed complex strategic relations between the two countries and expressed his willingness to extend friendly relations and cooperation.
The dialogue was organized by the Peace and Friendship Organization of Mongolia and Chinese People’s Association for International Society Exchanges, and focused on the following topics: Strengthening friendly relations and establishing the Silk Road; Participation and responsibilities of Mongolia and China in the development complex strategy relations; and Mutually beneficial cooperation chances of establishing the Silk Road.

Silk Road to open in six months

A recent survey showed that the population of Mongolia, Russia and China occupies 21 percent of the world population. It is a big market that is highly possible to extend trade and economy. Mongolian geographical position gives a possibility to connect these big markets. Moreover, Mongolia has the potential to connect the two great markets.
Since the Hunnu Empire, the Silk Road was the connective path for tea trade.
Even though China and Russia have trade roads that reach some European countries, it is quite costly to conduct trade. For example, it takes 40 to 50 days to deliver products from China to Russia. But, if trade is conducted throughout Mongolian territory, only a week is required to transport goods.
Therefore, Mongolia plan to build three roads that connect the Silk Road. The road from Ulaanbaatar – Erenhot – Altanbulag checkpoint is being discussed and the road through Khovd Province is at 80 percent completion. The completion of these roads are expected to connect the Silk Road, which is estimated to require six months.
Experts believe that the establishment of these roads will drastically boost the economy.
During the dialogue, delegates proposed to involve experts and personnel from both countries in the development project.

Mongolia benefits from cooperation

The Chinese party expressed their willingness to cooperate in any sector Mongolia wishes.
It was noted that the Chinese part is paying significant attention to the dialogue. The Chinese delegation included decision makers, heads of regions, research workers and businesses. In contrast, there were no decision makers from Mongolia at the dialogue.
A Chinese petroleum exploring company, airport construction company and road companies presented their activities to Mongolian delegates and expressed their interest in cooperation. They proposed to assist Mongolia in short-term projects that will have impact on Mongolians’ lives.
A Chinese company proposed to build a highway connecting Khushigiin Khundii Valley, where a new airport is being built, to Ulaanbaatar. Although the road will be built through a concession agreement, the road company requested Mongolia to sign an agreement within this month to start the work earlier.
China also proposed to open Naran Suvst checkpoint in Govi-Altai and Bayankhongor Provinces. They noted that trades worth six million Yuans used to be conducted through the ports and the possibility should be reopened.
President of the Peace and Friendship Organization of Mongolia D.Zagdjav commented, “China recommended ideas to centralize funds by improving small and medium enterprises with cooperation of Chinese entities. Mongolia’s neighbors are rich countries and so is Mongolia. We need to start properly and reach accurate solutions. I understand that one development solution is to improve cooperation with neighboring countries.”

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