National Circus needs more attention

Trans. by D.SERGELEN

We all know that Asashoryu Dagvadorj privatized the National Circus of Mongolia in 2008. We hoped that he would do something great to develop Mongolian circus arts. Why has this building, where children used to have fun and enjoy circus performances, turned into a place that contributes to alcoholism?
I had never felt such regret as when it became a home to a car wash, electronic appliances store, and a black market.
Since last spring, extensions were made to the east corner of the circus and a glass construction was added. I hoped sales around the circus were moving to this new building, but that wasn’t the case. A new bar called Krone Brauhaus opened inside the glass building on November 28.
Asashoryu Dagvadorj was angry in a recent press conference discussing the privatization issue. At that time, he acted like there shouldn’t be any organizations supervising his activities at the circus.
It seems like Dagvadorj prefers amusement rather than art. It was easier for him earn money running a bar instead of promoting circus performances.
Some people criticized the Head of the Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection, O.Magnai, for rising in defense of false rumors. But at that time, he expressed his voice honestly in defense of the circus, which is not getting any attention.
Even though he delivered a requisition to address the violations of the permitted use of the National Circus of Mongolia, he was ignored. After that, O.Magnai addressed the State Property Committee to create a working group to pursue the case.
The State Property Committee, the Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection, and the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism had to be included in the working group. But, former Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism Ts.Oyungerel stated, “Management privatization was conducted for the state circus; its building and properties were privatized at auction. It is impossible to distinguish which part of the circus was privatized and which part was returned to state ownership. Our ministry is declining to participate in this working group because unstable relations will arise between the state and the private sector.”
The State Property Committee and the Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection eventually established the working group two months ago.
The circus’ contract between seller and purchaser states: “The two sides can utilize the circus building according to its function without changing operational guidelines.” This contract was established based on the following laws: the laws on State and Rural Property, Civil Law, Management Contracts, and other relevant legal acts, on July 21, 2008.

Violation of performers’ rights

Performers at the circus are demanding to be paid 10,000 MNT per hour for rehearsals and training. Circus Director Ts.Batnairamdal falsely stated that he had issued salaries to over 60 performers who train at the circus and give up a portion of their salaries to pay social guarantee insurance when they work abroad.
After the privatization of the circus, the size of the building grew but the number of employed performers dropped dramatically. There is nothing left to remind us of the circus now.
For many years, the Mongolian National Circus has attempted to rent out its concert hall and host performances. In contrast, the Mongolian Wrestling Palace has conducted more active and effective operations.
In recent years, the Mongolian Circus Development Center, Ulaanbaatar Circus, and modern circus centers have carried out their operations and invited international circus performers to Mongolia. But the Mongolian National Circus has not hosted a single circus performance since its privatization.
Seeing the destruction of historically valuable institutions and not being able to do anything to save them is a tragedy.

Source: Unuudur

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