Ts.Nyamdorj: I will not join a fat group of 73 MPs

Trans. by B.DUGLUUN

 The following is an interview with MP Ts.Nyamdorj, a member of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), about timely issues.

Rumors about MPP entering the government have become a hot topic. What’s your position on this?

I’m strongly against it. I’ve expressed my disapproval at the party and board meetings, as well as at the Privy Council.

Firstly, the government wouldn’t have any opposition force. Secondly, a fat group of 73 members, apart from the three independent candidates, would be formed, meaning Parliament will no longer have ethics. Uniting everyone and shutting them up under the name of a coalition shows hidden motives to make several perilous decisions.

For example, firstly to raise the debt ceiling. For two years, the government has been saying that taking loans is wrong and we should utilize domestic opportunities. Now, we’re still increasing the debt ceiling.

Secondly, Tavan Tolgoi Company was protected under management agreement and is about to get approved for privatization. Resolution No.268 was issued, something about addressing tenders about preparation work. Three companies were mentioned: MAK, Energy Resources LLC, and Tavan Tolgoi Joint Stock Company of D.Bat-Erdene. It seems that one of these three companies will be given Tavan Tolgoi Company. Works shouldn’t be so vulgar.

Thirdly, eliminating the opposition force will make the public’s choices pointless.

I’m opposed to MPP entering the government because many issues that involve conspiracy and should never be mixed with the principle of statehood are being discussed.

Fourth, MPP and the Democratic Party (DP) have co-ruled the government for many years. DP always backs off before elections and Mongolia switches back to the previous government. N.Altankhuyag stayed in the former government for two and a half years. Yet, six months after becoming Prime Minister he said he was cleaning the mess of the previous government. There’s no proof this government will not do the same.

Privy Council met about this issue last Wednesday. What’s the council members’ opinion on this?

Members had different opinions. The majority thought that forming a coalition is inappropriate. Ordinary party members were strongly against a coalition. Last Friday, I received messages saying that members were ready to quit the party if a coalition is formed.

I’ve never encountered something so strange in my 20 years working in politics. A party chairman phoned me saying that he met with his 146 members and would quit the party if the government forms a coalition.

I reminded the party administration to listen to party members. Even the public is against it. A political decision can’t be made without considering the public opinion.

When ordinary party members are disapproving, higher 300 members shouldn’t decide political issues through a conspiracy for some five or six minister’s seats in a government limited for one and a half years.

If party members truly support the idea, they should go and work with the public in local regions, win the majority of seats, and establish its government by promoting members into ministers.

Baga Khural (party meeting) mainly consisted of city factions. Is there a consistent number of local representatives? Is this also part of the conspiracy you mentioned?

It could be. I still believe that members of the Baga Khural would listen to opinions of ordinary members and make correct decisions after evaluating political conditions.

Things can completely turn around. We could support correct policies of the DP’s government. For example, work on the Elections Law.

The government could work this way. It isn’t our ultimate goal to get into the government, appoint some people as ministers, and serve their wills. If DP and MPP cooperate, they should accept our good ideas and turn it into work.

If a fat group of 73 members is going to be formed with hidden motives, I will not join that group.

At the 2005 presidential election, everybody voted for N.Enkhbayar and ignored DP’s candidate because of a fat 62-member group, established at the time. This is the disgusting conspiracy of politics. That’s why DP couldn’t make a move.

I’m strongly opposed to DP entering the government because the same act is being conspired. I will see the end of this even if I become a loner or despised.

The government shouldn’t form a 73-member conspiracy group and stain the history of Mongolian Parliament by executing works to fulfill an oligarchy’s desires.

Isn’t DP being cautious that MPP would cause problems again if it isn’t included in the government and continue functioning in the old way?

Whenever a violation against the law is submitted, it should be opposed. S.Bayartsogt passed the debt ceiling at 40 percent during MANAN (a coalition of MPP and DP).

Instead of cutting costs domestically, the DP is only talking about getting loans and plunging into debt. MPP determined that it’s wrong that they’ve been putting more debt for two whole years.

Now, they want us to increase the debt ceiling because they offered some ministers’ seats. Aren’t they ashamed? Instead of being two-faced, they should just scram from politics.

The public has observed us for two years. It’s true that Mongolia’s under debt pressure, the loans were wasted, and almost nothing is left. Are we supposed to say that there’s no other choice than plunge into debt because they offered some ministers’ seats? They shouldn’t be so thick-skinned.

If a coalition with DP is formed, will you leave your party?

If something so vulgar is formed, I will have no place to stay in this party. This does mean going against party members and supporters. I can never get along with an administration that makes that decision.

How are you determining that certain number of ministers’ seats will be given to MPP if the coalition is formed?

I don’t see this issue from a legal perspective. All parties were proposed to have multiple wives. For instance, will an agreement between DP and MPP be established or among DP, MPP, Civil Will Green Party and Justice Coalition? Nobody could reply when I inquire about the form of the agreement. When they rushed into announcing a Baga Khural, I told them at least a draft agreement with mutual understanding should be developed and presented at the Baga Khural before deciding. However, a conference has already been announced. Things shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

Why aren’t the MPP leaders expressing their position on this issue?

At the end, there will not be anyone to take responsibility. They’ll just sit back saying a Baga Khural is already scheduled. This is a method for escaping responsibility by saying it was decided by the majority of votes.

Chairman of MPP faction in Parliament S.Byambatsogt stated that this workload should be carried by DP itself and demanded them to take responsibility in 2016 before the public.

Secretary General of MPP J.Munkhbat conveyed that we exited the starting point without DP so we should arrive at the finish line without DP.

We have to be a man to our words and take responsibility for what we say.

How does the MPP Chairman feel about this?

The chairman only said it was inappropriate. Party chairmen are supposed to have a clear standing on these sorts of issues. They should properly express their thoughts, ask members to support his idea, and initiate on taking responsibility.

He shouldn’t be so ambiguous. He should be shouldering responsibility, especially during this politically risky time with high possibility of mistakes. Now, we’ll see if he can shoulder the workload. If he can’t, we’ll have to raise issues about it. Taking an oath of allegiance with the state means risking your life in times of need.

Leading a party means risking your life for the party and taking responsibility. A party can’t survive by being indecisive, making wrong decisions by following the majority or by plots. Previously, we also had an ambiguous leader. Now, it’s enough.

Why are party chairman selections off the mark?

That’s because meetings are little plays that have been organized beforehand.


Source: http://parliament.news.mn/content/196847.shtml


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