Private and public sector delegates confer to combat air pollution


The “Ways and Possibilities to Reduce Air Pollution in Ulaanbaatar” research conference took place on Thursday, featuring delegates from over 80 organizations and businesses.
The National Committee on Reducing Air Pollution, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, and Ministry of Environment and Green Development co-organized the event.
The conference enrolled a wide range of experts and officials to bring out the best possible ways to combat air pollution based on scientific research and trials.
Participants delivered speeches and discussed three major topics: “Improving the Effectiveness of Power Production Technology Which Doesn’t Add to Air Pollution”, “New Technologies – Advanced Approaches” and “Current Conditions and Projections of Air Pollution in Ulaanbaatar”.
Each speech given at the conference proposed different research-based approaches to reducing pollution to present to Minister of Environment and Green Development S.Oyun and Ulaanbaatar City Mayor E.Bat-Uul.
“Electric heaters are the most practical way to cut coal use and reduce air pollution, I believe. To do this, we have to increase the capacity of power distribution, which is fully possible if financing is sufficient. We should be working to use domestically produced power in Mongolia instead of planning to earn money by exporting it,” said L.Ganzorig, general engineer of the state-owned Ulaanbaatar Power Distribution Network.
Hasu Erchim LLC’s director and professor B.Bat-Erdene backed the engineer’s idea, stating, “Over 80 percent of Mongolia’s power distribution source is solid fuel, which is mostly coal. We can’t cut air pollution until we end the use of coal.”
He added, “I heard many effective and possible ways to address the problem, today at the conference. But they will be of no use if the state doesn’t back them. All those loans the government takes from different sources are not being dedicated to fruitful projects.”
“We find sulfur, nitrogen and carbon emissions in smoke from stoves. Stoves that burn coal on top of wood are suitable for use. Coal is laid on the bottom, covered by firewood, which is the opposite of the traditional way. Improved stoves that burn coal in this way completely burn the toxic gases from coal,” explained B.Ayushjav, chief of the Stove Experiment Laboratory at the Heating Technology and Ecology Institute of Mongolian National University of Science and Technology.
“Residents tend to burn coal in improved stoves inappropriately, so that emissions are not reduced while the coal is burning. Residents can easily identify whether they’re using the improved stoves correctly by looking at the smoke’s color. A properly heated stove’s smoke is light in color and density, while incorrect heating produces dark smoke and leaves soot on the ceilings and floors of homes,” he added.
Head of Shine Zuun-Erchim Khuch NGO, G.Sukhbaatar, has introduced an electrical heating device which can heat a 60 square meter space with two times less power consumption than the average heater.
“The heater uses 40 percent less power than ordinary heaters. Residents would spend 1,200,000 MNT just one time and save the money spent on purchasing coal throughout cold seasons,” he highlighted.
The majority of the participants agreed that coal must be eliminated from heating production use if Mongolia hopes to eradicate air pollution, by introducing alternative heating sources such as gas. But they also talked about short-term approaches to reducing pollution with improved stoves, briquettes and other projects, as transferring to other sources of heat will require more time and significant investments.

Source: Unuudur daily

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