N.Tsogtsaikhan: I am the first Asian stuntman in Hungary


 We reached N.Tsogtsaikhan, who lives in Hungary, through Facebook to talk about his career as a stuntman in Hungary.

N.Tsogtsaikhan has appeared in blockbuster movies such as “Hell Boy”, “Monte Carlo”, “Dracula”, “47 Ronin”, “Iris” and “Eragon”, working alongside big Hollywood names such as Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, and Cole Hauser.

 Can you please tell us about yourself?

 My name is Narantsogt Tsogtsaikhan. I have been living in Budapest for ten years and I have been working as a stuntman since 2007. I am a senior student at an academy that trains stuntmen in Hungary. Graduating from the academy is not enough for me, because even people who have been in the movie business for 40 years can make mistakes. An academy provides fundamental knowledge. An undergraduate stuntman plays in many different scenarios, such as fight scenes or riding motorcycles. Therefore, we have to qualify in specific fields of acting after graduating.

 What was the first movie you appeared in?

 In 2007, I was in a comedy as a bodyguard for a Chinese mafia boss. It wasn’t a speaking role. I was kind of an extra. This means that I had a fight scene behind the main character. Asian actors are very rare in Hungary and they are mostly invited from Asia.

 Tell us about the movies you have taken part in?

 I had a role in “Hell Boy”, “Monte Carlo”, “Eragon”, “Dracula” from England, “Iris” from South Korea, and a four-part series. I’ve also taken part in movies that will be released in 2015 and 2016, “Spy”, “Fallen” and “American Girl”. I played a samurai in “47 Ronin”, and played a North Korean soldier in an English television series called “Strike Back”.

 Do Asian actors mostly play opposing roles in European movies?

 Yes, we do. I mostly play Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Kazakh roles. There haven’t been any Mongolian movies made here yet. At the moment, I don’t have any competition here so I have a great chance for roles.

 Have you had a role with dialogue?

I played a member of the Russian mafia in “A Good Day to Die Hard”. I could have told the mafia boss character something like, “Someone might be helping them”, but I missed that chance. In a television series about Hungarian policemen, I played an Asian drug dealer. There is a part in the movie where I am arguing with the policeman.

I am going to play a Chinese cosmonaut in a new movie directed by Ridley Scott that will be released soon. I hope that there is dialogue for me in the movie.

 Could you please tell us about your experience working with celebrities?

Many of the Hollywood stars are very ordinary people. I was with the legendary Bruce Willis in “A Good Day to Die Hard”. It took a lot of days to shoot the scene where I was shot by Bruce Willis. During the shooting, I asked Bruce Willis for his autograph, but he didn’t respond to me. A few days later, his bodyguard asked me for my phone number and told me that Bruce Willis wanted to meet me. I was very happy. I have been learning a lot from celebrity actors.

What are your future goals?

I’ve dreamed about becoming an actor since I was a kid. As I am interested in sports, I became interested in becoming a stuntman. Jackie Chan was a stuntman when he started his career. I think that the finish line is more important than the start in life. As I am not a professional, I don’t have many roles. For example, it is really hard to make someone smile. I love to play in action movies.

When we were shooting “A Good Day to Die Hard”, I was very nervous. Director John Moore told me, “Hey, Choogoo, don’t act but feel your role. Just think of it as your daily activity and turn into a bad guy. Now go to the restroom and find the bad guy in you.” Actually, what he said was really helpful. Sometimes in Hollywood, actors fall into their role’s too deeply and they can’t go back to their real selves. So, self control is very important.

You said that a good stuntman has to be qualified in a specific field of acting. What will you choose?

At the moment, I am playing in action movies. In the future, I would like to qualify for motorbike and car stunts.

Could you tell us about your instructors?

My mentors are amazing. The head of my school, Guyash Kish Zultan, has been working as a stuntman for over 40 years. He was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for his dangerous stunts.

What do you study in class?

I am learning wrestling, fighting, fencing, jumping, riding motorbikes, drifting cars and many other activities. But the lessons are conducted not as professional sports techniques but how to make it look good for the camera. So, if I use the technique that I’ve learned in class, I would be beaten in real life.

Sometimes what we do is risky, for example jumping scenes from rooftops. We have to flip in the air while we are jumping and we repeat that a lot of times during filming.

What is the best thing about being a stuntman and what is the most challenging thing?

I think that all jobs are difficult. To be a stuntman instills patience in a person. Recently, I was a double for a Japanese actor in a scene where I was shot and fell into water. It wasn’t easy to repeat all those actions many times. But at the end, when the movies are ready, it feels good to watch and analyze myself.

When you are planning to come back to Mongolia?

I visit Mongolia every summer on vacation. Since I have been living in Hungary for many years, I am much more adapted to here. But after graduation, when the time comes, I will go back to Mongolia. Someday, I wish to direct reality shows and movies in Mongolia.


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  1. good interview, but there seems to be a few mistakes and grammatical errors in the translation

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