Children suffer from lack of communication, says expert


On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of Mongolia joining the Convention on Children Right, Head of the Mongolian National Center for Children Right P.Tseveen gave an interview about children’s rights.

Your organization focuses on children’s behaviour and issues on providing children’s rights. What kind of problems do children have and how often do you receive complaints and comments about children?

Children aged from zero to 18 address our organization. In relation to the new school year, issues around schools are occurring a lot. The issues are mostly on showing pressure to children, expultion from school and defamation of children. For example, school managers don’t give pupils’ personal file when they transfer to other schools, accuse children of theft and set welfare of orphan children.

So our organization listens and receive issues that face children and resolve the issues, and connect to other organization that are capable of solving the issues.

Nowadays, modern parents cannot raise their children and don’t understand their children. How many people receive advice from you and do schools and kindergartens participate in the trainings?

We give necessary council to any person who addresses us. We do trainings on request. But in reality, schools or kindergartens mostly care about their buildings reconstruction, improvements and investment, they do not want to spend money on trainings.

Not a single social worker or school manager has asked us how to better educate children. They visit us after complains pile up.

Teenagers have had many problems recently. What is your opinion on it?

People can see this issue from different perspectives including children’s family, environment and school. Children are a reflection of their surroundings.  They study from their father, mother, teacher and friends. Children’s behaviour is mostly dependent on family and simply it is their way of dealing with something.

Children get stressed and frustrated due to this society that can’t treat them positively and ultimately commit suicide.

Teachers tell off students when they do not buy books, but in this case, teachers have to know their students’ living conditions. Considering this issue, family planning is the biggest concern. Why do children have to suffer due to their parents not planned their family very well or giving birth to unwanted children. It is too one-sided to talk about children’s attitude without discussing family planning.

Why are children in general education schools committing suicide?

People pay attention to children who die. Children react deeply to outside forces and don’t commit suicide without reason. I heard that the police resolved the issue of the student of School No.2 in Sukhbaatar District. That child just needed help. People lack empathy and trust is important in this case.

Managers of schools seem to care about school work more than their students. What do you think about it?

School environment has to be friendly to children. In my time, I preferred to talk to my teachers rather than my parents. I am not sure whether teachers treat children like in those days. Teachers must understand students more and protect their rights. If they can’t, they have to address social workers or professional organizations. Children who appeal to us beg us not to tell their teachers because they are afraid it will affect the school negatively. There are no specialists on children’s behaviour in the education sector.

Some schools banned smart phone uses. Communication between children and parents decreased because of social media. What is your take on it?

Children in modern times suffer from loneliness. It is directly linked to parents. Parents buy many devices for their children to keep them at home and children are learning bad things rather than studying new or good things.

In my opinion, using cell phone just for exchanging information is okay. Using modern technology makes children more materialistic. Understanding the value of something is vital.


Source: Zuunii Medee

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