Illegal construction raises concern in Zaisan

Trans. by B.Narantuya

Since the disorderly assignment of land in Ulaanbaatar, people have started to build what they want, wherever they like. The latest example is an interesting building that began construction in the center of Buddha Park.
The capital city, Ulaanbaatar, is situated between four mountains and has a more than 300 year history. The most auspicious place, Bogd Khan Mountain, has become a popular and expensive location for homes and businesses.
Historic and spiritual sites like the Zaisan Memorial and Buddha Park, in the area of Zaisan Tolgoi, are surrounded by a metropolis of modern buildings.
The new fountain that opened at Zaisan Hill Complex this summer makes the area more attractive. It feels like the city council has started to pay more attention to city planning and a building’s architectural design, now that so many construction projects have sprung up in the city.
One hundred meters from Buddha Park, to the west of the Zaisan Hill Complex, there is a building housing drinking water tanks. The land is under state protection and the building has been there for ages, which is why the Zaisan Hill Complex and Buddha Park didn’t encroach on its land.
The drinking water storage tank building, which protects the groundwater resources of the Zaisan area, has long been affiliated with Mongolian State University of Agriculture. Since the time a former president of the university gave the land to an individual, problems have arisen.
When we went to the construction site to get some information, a few guys there told us that the construction work is taking place under a person named Batbaatar. Residents in the area say that Batbaatar is building a private home. Since the construction was taking place on a protected area, authorities and officials halted construction on October 21. But after eight days, the construction work resumed.
The State Professional Inspection Agency even forbade construction, yet it is interesting to note that Batbaatar has permission to finish the work by December.
Every construction project must follow regulations and meet safety and building standards. At illegal construction sites, workers are often not professional builders. As a result, they do not follow the standards for safety.
Moreover, the appearance of any building is important to the city’s landscape, and when we asked to see plans for the building, the people on the site had none.
Generally, to construct any type of building, the plan must be approved by the authorities. But it appears that the construction law of Mongolia does not apply to Batbaatar and his house.
What kind of person is Batbaatar, who continues to build his building even after state officials have forbidden it?
Many new, attractive buildings can benefit the city’s landscape, but there is no city planning policy that provides for the safety and comfort of citizens before developers.
Moreover, there is lack of public space in the city, where children and seniors can spend their free time. It is troubling to know that some people are able to build private residences on what little protected land is left in Ulaanbaatar.

Source: Unuudur

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  1. I applaud all citizens who question the legality of construction projects in UB. It is a scandal that ANY construction has been allowed in Zaisan since the time when ALL construction there was deemed illegal. I spoke at length about this issue during my recent visit to UB this summer. You can read the interview, in Mongolian, at tinyurl.com/pg7c4a8 . I strongly support all efforts to include public participation, via Citizens Hall, in future decisions related to city planning, zoning and construction in all municipalities in Mongolia.

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