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Some areas of Da Khuree Auto Market, located in the 17th Khoroo in Ulaanbaatar, were shut down on Wednesday, causing automotive businesses to protest and block the road.
The business owners and operators were frustrated that operations of some areas of the auto market were suspended when the first stage of planning for the new Auto trade Complex hadn’t yet been commissioned.
They began their strike on the road at 9:00 a.m. yesterday. When reporters from Unuudur arrived at the scene at 1:40 p.m, a huge commotion from Bayanzurkh police officers demanding that the salesmen clear the road was commencing.
Chairman of the Mongolian Automotive Trade Association P.Gantsooj clarified the situation, “Today, we’re suffering because the government is working erroneously and isn’t fulfilling its promises. The State Specialized Inspection Agency issued an order to shut down auto markets operating in the capital city on October 1. They probably made this decision consistent with plans for the new auto trade center. However, the trade center hasn’t become operational yet.
“When I spoke with the Deputy Head of Roads, Transportation and Infrastructure Department of the Office of the Ulaanbaatar Governor, N.Gantumur, on the phone, he said he didn’t know anything and would send officials after speaking with the District Governor. He also said the auto trade center would be commissioned on October 15. This shows that businesses are being victimized because organizations don’t have proper communication. If it isn’t time to launch the Auto Trade Complex, auto market operations shouldn’t be suspended. Basically, it’s the same as trying to move people into an apartment with only the foundation laid. During the Mongolian Auto Forum, Deputy Head N.Gantumur told me to wait until October 1, and that they’re working as fast as they can to make the Auto Trade Complex.”
He also reported that the salesmen would continue to protest until Da Khuree Auto Market is reopened. Da Khuree Auto Market has many sections inside, including Mungun Khuleg (Silver Knight) and diesel engine markets, where over 600 people run businesses. Mungun Khuleg was closed down on August 30.
“If they truly enforced the law, all auto markets would be shut down. We’re not saying we will not move to the 22nd traffic checkpoint in Songinokhairkhan District. Even if we go there now, the building doesn’t have a bank, restaurant, or even toilets. It looked like excavated land, covered in red dirt. I wouldn’t mind moving there now if it had adequate working conditions. We’re facing a loss at the moment. The project heads are also demanding four million MNT as a sales vehicle parking fee from tenants. Those capable of paying must have paid. But would people like me, who sell used cars and have only ten million MNT as turnover, have the money to rent a section of the trade area?” commented a salesman of Mungun Khuleg.
The first stage of Auto Trade Complex construction, the square area for open parking, was initially planned to become operational on October 1. This parking space adequate for 6,300 cars is currently at 30 to 40 percent completion. While this is reality, auto sales businesses operating within the capital shouldn’t be terminated or suffer financial losses.
Auto market traders aren’t protesting because they don’t wish to move to the 22nd traffic checkpoint. They are frustrated because the Auto Trade Complex wasn’t commissioned on time, and the abuse of their interests.

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