Fake diploma holders infiltrate civil service

Trans. by D.SERGELEN

Making and using fake diplomas has become popular in Mongolia. Would you believe that holders of these fake diplomas have been recruited for civil service? It’s an unfortunate recent development and the people who generate fake diplomas always seem to escape responsibility.
Based on information discovered by Unuudur, it is clear that more than one fake diploma holder works at the Independent Authority for Corruption (IAAC) and the General Council of Courts (GCC), which are authorities with some of the greatest responsibility in the state.
The IAAC aims to fight corruption and work towards the improvement and development of public and private services. Having an inspector with a falsified diploma negatively impacts the credibility of this organization.
In the scope of legal reforms, the Investigation Department under the State General Prosecutor’s Office was disbanded and inspection work was transferred to the IAAC and GCC. Some employees of the Investigation Department became prosecutors and investigators. Investigator Sodbayar Battur was included among them.
B.Sodbayar worked as a software engineer and internal officer at the General Authority for Executing Court Decisions.
The State Specialized Inspection Authority’s inspections in 2009 and 2010 revealed that Sodbayar used a fake diploma to be recruited for his position. An official document signed by N.Gansukh, specialist of the State Specialized Inspection Authority, mentioned him clearly.
The official document noted, “According to the invitation of the General Police Department and the General Authority for Executing Court Decisions, during the inspection of education certificates of civil servants, employee of the General Authority for Executing Court Decisions B.Sodbayar’s diploma from Mongolian University of Science and Technology was determined to be a fake diploma. The relevant materials were transmitted to the IAAC. Interestingly, he was also registered in the database as having graduated from the Law School at National University of Mongolia in 1998.”
Even though his case was transferred to the Police Department of Chingeltei District, he used his real diploma from National University of Mongolia and transferred to the Investigation Department under the State General Prosecutor’s Office. Thus, the window for pursuing the case closed and he escaped criminal liability.
Being an investigator is a highly responsible job which greatly impacts people’s lives, determining whether or not people under investigation are guilty or not and studying official documents in detail. How could lawyers and investigators make fake documents and be recruited by a state organization? If they generate fake documents, how can they be qualified to investigate the work of others?
A similar incident has recently occurred at the General Council of the Court.
The council was established recently and many new officials were recruited. But one civil servant in a high position at the Council is believed to have used a fake diploma. It seems the council is suppressing this case to protect their name. Anyhow, it still remains suspicious.
How many skillful and talented people with potential could be put to work, instead of fake diploma holders, to improve the state’s development?
How much money have taxpayers spent paying for the salaries of these frauds?
Many people, including our country itself, are suffering a loss because Mongolia does not have a legal environment that provides the opportunity for these financial losses to be recovered.

Source: Unuudur

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