‘Street’ project replaces congested traffic circle with 4-way intersection

New intersection doubles number of drivers passing per hour


The traffic circle at Akhui Uilchiglee intersection in the 3rd microdistrict reopened as a four-way intersection on Thursday to reduce constant traffic congestion. The intersection was built for 4.5 billion MNT.
Drivers had to drive around the traffic circle without being able to directly cross the intersection before. Bus and trolleybus drivers found it particularly problematic.
“The previous circle was congested all the time and saw many traffic accidents. I am sure that the intersection’s congestion will decline remarkably now, especially in the morning and evening, when business hours start and end,” said a driver who was waiting for a light to change at the new intersection.
Two heating pipes under the intersection were relocated and replaced, while a 220 meter water pipe was given a protective layer. A 1,200 meter water drainage system was built at the intersection, and overhead trolleybus wires and streetlights were replaced.
In total, 28,318 square meters were hard-paved, and greenery was planted along 5,547 square meters. Sidewalks and pedestrian spaces now cover 7,565 square meters.
The intersection wasn’t entirely closed during its construction, as work took place mostly at night to avoid inconveniences for drivers and residents.
“Now, more than 500 cars pass through the intersection per hour, while the number was 200 per hour when the traffic circle was not upgraded,” says Colonel B.Batbold, Chief of the Bayangol District Traffic Police Division.

One last project left for the intersection is to relocate the memorial to the late L.Enebish, a prominent state and social figure, which was located inside the traffic circle.
“We are grateful to L.Enebish’s grandson E.Munkh-Ochir who approved the demolition of the park for the upgrade project. The memorial park will reopen in another location very soon,” explained Naranbulag Khan’s administrators.

New modern kiosk introduced

The “Street” project launched a new model of Eco TUT street kiosks at “Love Garden” at the Western Central Intersection on Thursday.
The kiosk has a bio-toilet for its salespeople, electric heating and a modern design to contribute to upgrading of the city’s image.
Street kiosks located in the city center will all be replaced with the new Eco TUT model. Vendors and kiosk owners can have professional companies build the kiosks or build it themselves, as long as they meet all safety and design standards.
The Ministry of Economic Development is coordinating the “Street” project with financing from Development Bank.

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