Zero Gravity


Young artist G.Gerelkhuu is sharing his second solo exhibition, “Zero Gravity” at 976 Art Gallery, from September 11 to 21. His exhibition displays seven huge pieces created using traditional painting methods.
Tradition and modernity, and the conflict between the two, are depicted in G.Gerelkhuu’s work. His paintings narrate highly developed techniques created by humans and how they have influenced and changed our lives. Visitors will be able to see from “Zero Gravity” that G.Gerelkhuu is a wise observer and interpreter of the time in which he is living, as he highlights the imbalances of modern cities.
He lets us know and notice our unbalanced city lives.
Robots often appear in his creations. He explains that the robots are modern and employ highly developed technology and techniques. They are destroying traditional things, as well as our humanity.
G.Gerelkhuu has been painting in the traditional Mongolian style, called “Mongol Zurag”, since he was a young boy. He thoroughly enjoys painting Mongolian folk tales and images of different nomadic tribes, and developed a special passion for painting detailed and expressive images related to migration. G.Gerelkhuu is part of the Huvsgul Park Cooperative, which is located in a small village, and works hard to train local people to make traditional crafts and clothing in order to create employment opportunities, stimulate the local economy and preserve cultural traditions.
As Ian Findlay-Brown, the editor and publisher at Asian Art News and World Sculpture News, once reported, “Gerelkhuu Ganbold is an astute observer and commentator of his time. He gradually but forcefully makes us ever more aware of our surroundings in our precariously balanced urban life. He is unafraid to talk of alienation, violence, of the loss of traditions, of the suffocating crush of urban life, the indecision in society, and the pervasive influence of technology that makes us strangers to each other. By using his rich palette of gouache and watercolor, the artist enhances the action and leads us gently into a better understanding of his time and place.”

More information about the artist:

2006-2010 Fine Art Institute, Mongolian University of Arts and Culture, Ulaanbaatar
2010-present Freelance artist

Joint exhibitions
2007- 2012- “Golden Brush” UMA, Ulaanbaatar
2007- 2012 – “Mongolian Beautiful Country” UMA, Ulaanbaatar
2007- 2013 – “Spring” UMA, Ulaanbaatar
2008- 2010- “Naadam” UMA, Ulaanbaatar
2009- 2013- “Mongol Zurag Society Exhibition” UMA, Ulaanbaatar
2009- “Roerich” Roerich Museum, Ulaanbaatar
2010-“Portrait” UMA, Ulaanbaatar
2011- 2013- “Folk art festival” New Mexico, USA
2011, 2012- “Best artwork of the year” National Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar
2012- “Urban Narratives” Scoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong


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