State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet to open new season


Below is a short interview with B. Sergelen, the Director of the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, which is launching its new season on 6 October.

-The classical art lovers must be looking forward to the opening of the 50th season of the theatre. What have the artists of the theatre prepared for the opening for the winter season?
-For any theatre, winter season, or the new season, is one of the biggest celebrations. It is a big celebration not only for the artists but also for the audience. The opening performance of the opera and ballet season, which is the most brilliant branch of the performing arts, must be the best and most special work of the year. This year, the theatre is opening the new season with the famous “Spartak” (Spartacus) ballet by Aram Khachaturian and the “Eugene Onegin” opera by P.I. Tchaikovsky.
-I heard that there is a special reason for choosing the “Eugene Onegin” opera?
-50 years ago, when the theatre was first established, it opened its first stage curtain with the “Eugene Onegin” opera. So the opera is very special for us. This is our first work, so it has a 50 year history like our theatre. We chose it for that reason.
-Who will have the honour to be the lead performer of the opera?
-State Honored singer E. Amartuvshin, who was the Best Singer in the World Opera Competition, will perform the role of Onegin. Furthermore, our brilliant singer O. Uyanga will perform, for the first time, the role of Tatyania, the lover of Onegin.
-Which artists will perform the main roles of “Spartak”?
-In 2012 the ‘Spartak’ will be performed on our stage for the first time in 20 years. The costumes of the ballet were completely renewed. Actually, we choose “Spartak” because the ballet was first performed by artists in the 21st century. Our solo ballet dancers include Culturally Distinguished Workers O. Gantsooj, G. Tsolmon, T. Batchimeg and A. Ulzii-Orshikh.
-What treats are being prepared by the theater for its audiences in October?
-The October will be full of special events such as the opening of our 50th season. Following our opening, the conductor of the W .A. Mozart orchestra of Dortmund, Germany, will visit our theatre with several musicians. We performed with them as part of the promotion of the works of Mozart for his 255th anniversary. This time we are preparing to play works of German composers in Mongolia. Also, we are re-directing and performing the great “Requiem” by G. Verdi in October. So many new and special performances will be presented in October.
-Could you tell us about the preparations for “‘Requiem”?
-The “Requiem” is one of Verdi’s most remarkable works. It is absolutely equal to his other great works, the famous “Aida” and “La Traviata”. Not many theatres in the world perform the Requiem because it requires a large, strong choir. Some editions of this opera have had choirs with 200 to 300 singers. In our theatre we will have a choir group with over 100 singers. The Military Song and Dance Academic Ensemble of Mongolia are cooperating with us on this. The rehearsals are going very well. This opera not only requires a big group of choir singers but also an orchestra and singers in various voice types, including tenor, soprano and mezzo-soprano. We are preparing the opera with two different compositions. Another specialty of this opera is that it will be performed in November with a conductor from the USA. This work is also a big gift for our 50th anniversary, which was initiated by conductor J. Burenbe, so it will be performed at his concert in October as well.

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