Who does the State Specialized Inspection Agency work for?

Trans. by D.SERGELEN

The mission of the State Specialized Inspection Agency (SSIA) is “Enforcing law and ordinances in Mongolian territory and supporting a comfortable environment for people, society’s sustainable development and business, and creating conditions to live in a secure environment and consume healthy food.”
The State Specialized Inspection Agency recently examined factories using food additive substances. The SSIA identified that cake, milk, flour and meat factories are using food additives that are poisonous to the human body, and as some believe, can cause cancer and fetal abnormalities. The color and flavor additives have been banned from use in food products in the U.S. and Russia.
Over 274 raw materials in 54 food factories, as well as more than 30 flavor additives used by 65 public catering companies were examined. The State Specialized Inspection Agency found that 97 food additives, including 27 types of coloring, seven preservatives, 11 oxidizers, more than 30 types of thickeners, five kinds of acid regulators, one kind of sweetener, and eight kinds of color stabilizers were being used in yogurt, yeast, starch, gelatin, cocoa, sausage, cake frosting and decoration, jelly and chocolates. Many of the raw materials and products were imported from India, China, Russia, Germany, Korea and Australia.
Surprisingly, the SSIA avoided naming these factories. Why did they hide the names of these factories using harmful substances in food production?
The SSIA might have withheld the names to avoid accusations of defamation and negatively affecting those businesses. But everyone knows that health is always considered to be more important than money and authority.
The SSIA warned that the color and flavor additives can negatively affect liver health, cause fetal abnormalities, and are linked to causes of cancer and asthma. Unfortunately, they did not mention the names of the factories and did not provide more information about the food additives production. They issued fines to the poison producing factories, but it’s doubtful that the factories will respond to punishment handed out by the SSIA.
Mongolians will continue to be poisoned because they don’t know which companies are producing harmful products.
According to the mission of the Inspection Authority, they have promoted the business sector this time and put consumers’ interests second. This is not the first time the State Specialized Inspection Agency has done this. After every inspection they conduct, they hide secrets that threaten the public. What is the point of hiding the truth if lives are at stake?
It seems they do inspections in order to convince the public that they are trying to do something. Taking advantage of violations they encounter, they take bribes. It doesn’t matter if the violations are serious. If they can take a bribe, the violation remains a secret.
Many problematic issues with the State Specialized Inspection Agency have leds the public to draw these conclusions.
Only inspectors and businesses know what’s behind these secrets. Unfortunately, we consume products without knowing whether they are poison or food. Whose interests does the SSIA serve?
One specialist, Vice Chairman of the State Specialized Inspection Agency M.Baasandorj made a statement on Olloo.mn, “We have hesitated to announce the companies and products’ names. We gave them a specific amount of time to respond to the violations and we will inspect them again. If they don’t make changes, at that time we will take measurements, such as announcing the companies’ names to the press.”

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